Friday, January 30, 2009


Just call an intervention for me now. I am officially (okay, I'll admit I have been for a LONG time) addicted to thrift store shopping. Now lets add to the list freecycle and craigslist...not to mention ebay and items on the side of the road. Well, who doesn't look at the items set to the curb. Aren't you ever DRAWN to the quaint chair...until you notice it is missing 2 legs. I am always on the look out for things to be used for little.

I know you've heard me mention America's Thrift Store, but have you ever gone and perused your local Goodwill? They are miracle workers-the items there are generally great for great prices. Of course you have to look past the dust, smeared substances and other minor blemishes. Get a coffee table for $15. Get a mattress for $20. It can't be beat. With a little paint and elbow grease, you can have a fully decorated home for the cost of one original item.

I clothe all my beasties and borrow the beasties' and beastettes' needs of my sisters to feed my addiction. It is amazing to me how anyone could NOT be in love with the hunt and thrill of finding GAP, Gymboree and Children's Place clothes for a few dollars or less. Our Goodwills (yes, that is plural...I have 3 in my area) offer 1-24 month clothes for a dollar. That is it. $1. They offer 2t-16 for $1.50. Amazing, isn't it! It doesn't matter if it is Faded Glory or Ralph Lauren (and yes, I have purchased a few). I am full of thrilling glee-almost like I beat the brand-name system. I am a shopping rebel...yes, it makes me grin secretly. I am able to dress my children handsomely and aide my sisters in dressing their children darlingly (I must get a girl fix somewhere-it wouldn't do at all for me to have bags of frills and pinks just sitting around...Kit would have an epoleptic fit!) for often only 10% of the original cost. Fabulous!

I have recently found the joy of freecycle. Have you heard? There are people willing to give items away for FREE. Yes, free. You need only pick it up! The bliss of the thrift store without the actual cost. Yes, I'm giggling as I type. The only thing keeping me from becoming like the people I watch on Clean House (Style network) is I am ruthless about de-cluttering my own domain. Poor Kit doesn't know what hits him somedays he gets home. Walmart bags of toys, books, 12 t-shirts Kit thinks he needs to keep to "mow the lawn and work on the car". Ready to be deposited in the Goodwill bin...yes, frequently I find my non-wanted items on the shelves.

Well, maybe hold off on the intervention...I have spring and summer coming up and my boys need a new wardrobe...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Josiah- The Supa' Star

Maybe not a super-star, but he is the ER Dickson All-Star for the month of January in Mrs. Ryall's class. Hooray for our little Jos! This award is recognition for good character-"for showing he cares for his friends and teachers" (as stated on his award from his teacher). He also was on the Honor Roll (he got all A's) for this and last quarter. It was fun to attend his Character Breakfast and watch him receive his special tee-shirt.

We are so proud of Josiah. He struggled just a bit at the beginning of school, receiving yellow and red for his days, but since then, he has earned all green everyday. He is kind to others, loves his teacher and is a wonderful example in that way for his brothers.
Typical of my children...not paying attention and crying!
( I know, my hair is in a pony yet again...I swear I do it different sometimes!)


Monday, January 19, 2009


"These make me a super-swimmer, great for deep-sea diving."

Monday, January 12, 2009

HERO Worship

We're not talking Super-heroes here, although my second beastie has a bad case of Batman-itis, but the heroes of my boys. It is so interesting to me to see who my children watch and admire. Of course they admire their daddy-he is so big, so strong and AMAZING at Lego Starwars-but the others out there who might not know they are being watched.

Gunnison has a BAD case of hero-worship for his two older brothers. They are mischievous little beasties with glints in their eyes and Gun thinks they are the most fascinating, funniest and coolest people around. I watch him watch them with his blue eyes fixed as they jump on my couch (uggh)...then the next thing I know, there he his laughing and trying to emulate. He wants to color when they color, he wants to dig his hands into their playdough, he tries to by-pass his little speedster for their bigger and better bikes. He is now sitting at the table in a booster just so he can be like his brothers. I love the fact he loves them and wants to be like them. I DO hope this persists and my other two beasties grow into the righteous warriors the Lord intends for them to be.

Gavin has two main worships-Josiah and okay...Batman...or a knight, or a super-spy or really any "super hero" type of person. Following those, he looks up to my little brother, Mack. Mack has installed himself into the type of person Gav wants to be. He talks about the way Mack loves to ride horses, plays games with them, goes fishing and hunting. Whenever Mack comes to visit, he takes the time to be with my boys-really listening to their (ENDLESS) questions and plays with them. I hope he knows how much my boys love him...AND the fact their big watchful eyes are watching what he does.

Josiah would probably tell you his hero right now is either Yoda or Luke Skywalker. He is SO into his Lego StarWars game. But-he has flesh and blood people who he watches with interest. Ross, a 9 year old boy in our ward, is a big favorite of his. He worships the way Ross "has totally beat the game" (referring yet again to Lego StarWars) and also the way he helps to take care of his little brother, Owen. He notices the fact Ross has been baptized and is always at church. He notices how kind Ross is to other kids. I appreciate he has been able to see Ross and his actions and know they are good and right. He is also in little-boy admiration for Blake, Ethan and Dylan. They all belong to a fabulous family in our ward. I will admit I'm a little in luuvvv with this family myself. I hope my boys will be as wonderful when they are their ages. Josiah again loves them for the fact they know "ALL about Starwars" but also loves them for their kindness. They always have a smile and listening ear when it comes to Jos. If anyone doesn't know, Josiah has an endless list of questions to ask and topics to speak about. He little/big mind is always turning and always thinking-thus, his mouth is always moving. They listen and talk to him. They play with them-and one of the things that impresses me the most-they always allow a little 6 year old boy to give them hugs. Despite being "big" boys (13, 11 and 9 I think) they let him give them hugs-no matter where they are. Pretty amazing, huh. Josiah loves watching Blake pass the sacrament and knows they all have been baptized. He watches their entire family, including the darling girls, Chelsea and Hannah. Definite idolizing going on.

Okay, so this little thought has become a mountain of a post, but I just have to throw out a thank you to these "Heroes" for acting in a way I want my sons to act-and being good examples to them. Thank you to their mothers and fathers for raising them so well. I truly hero-worship them.