Sunday, March 30, 2008


These beauties were canned by none other than... (DRUM-ROLL, PLEASE) ... Kit! Kit is into pickling and canning lately. For his birthday he got a canner, rack, tools (tongs, etc.) and book-o-canning by Ball. It is a huge book!! He has been perusing it faithfully and looking for produce in season so he can affordably can. I'm thankful for his interest in cooking, recipe finding and preserving since I get to taste the yummy results!!! He even finagled my boys into helping so I could run a couple of errands and work on my sharing time (what a wonderful Daddy!). Gavin was a little work-horse. He loves to help in the kitchen, especially with his Daddy. Be forewarned, however, of stinky breath. Kit pickled garlic ('cause I love it!) and tomatillo salsa. The Applegate household will have pungent breath in a few weeks when it is ready to devour!

Here's the video Kit captured of the boys...I know we've added quite a LOT of videos lately, but bear with me, I can't help but show off my boys!

Beach Time!

Yes, down South we're enjoying the sun! I did something spontaneously (yes, me!) and I took the boys to the beach. The sun was hot, but with the breeze wafting through and the cool water, the beach was so perfect and fun! My boys splashed and dug in the sand and little Gunner rolled around on our designated sand blanket. I tried to get a cute picture of him, but between the big green hat and his chubby little body...well, you get the idea.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone! Steph, Phil and the kids left on Saturday. We had such an enjoyable visit with them. I love moving around, but it is hard for me when my best girlfriends live far away. There is somethings about having my mom and sisters close by. To make up for the empty feeling in my house we decided to invite our friends Camden and Amber and Mike (Kit's 2nd counselor) for Easter dinner. Saturday was spent at the store (literally) buying supplies for the meal. I also had to prepare a last-minute sharing time on Easter. I love the one I found. It went well with the kids and I think they could picture the Easter Story a little better.

The Easter Bunny hid the eggs while we were home. Josiah couldn't believe it! The bunny sure must be tricky to hide the eggs while Mom and Dad were in the kitchen starting dinner. The boys had fun looking for eggs. Gavin would get so excited when he found one. Dinner was yummy - just traditional fare - ham, mashed potatoes, corn, deviled eggs and carrot cake for dessert. Yes, Kit cooked the meal (although I did the potatoes and eggs). My husband is wonderful! Of course, I did the dishes.

We have FHE on Sundays due to my class on Mondays. This one was focused on the Easter Story. I just went through the sharing time again. Sometimes I want to give up! It is often a struggle to even attempt a FHE. Maybe I get points for trying! I will say my boys were listening by the end, however, so maybe they learned something!

Our Attempt at FHE (caught on film by Kit) ...

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Outfits (note: Jos is holding a dino)

Typical of my boys!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I've Been Tagged! (hence you will be tagged)

You all have my friend Annie Emmertson to blame for this! She decided to start this one, but don't worry it is fairly simple. Here are the ground rules:

1. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
2. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.
3. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
Here goes...
  1. I LOVE pink mints-you know, the little pink disks that are wintergreen flavored. They remind me of road-trips as a child. I love them so much I could eat an entire bag myself. Yummy!
  2. I don't find "potty" humor funny. It grosses me out, so you won't find me giggling at jokes with anything to do with body fluids or gas expulsions. (I'm kinda out of luck with my little family)
  3. I can suck my toes...if I ever wanted too. I don't, so I won't, but I could!
  4. I put my lipstick on before I put on mascara. I know it is normal to put your lipstick on last, but for some strange reason and habit, I don't. Mascara is the last thing to go on.
  5. Maybe some have heard me say this: my favorite fantasy (NOTE: meaning will never come true) is of my boys (usually Jos or Gav) duct-taped to the wall, spread eagle, with a large piece covering their mouths. They are literally up and out of the way. I could vaccuum around them, pick up...the list is endless! It isn't done in violence, in my mind it is all cartoony, but it just makes me giggle and relieves tension.
  6. I love emeralds. Kit bought me some small studs when we were first married that I love, but I really crave a beautiful emerald stone ring. Ahhh! Something about the freshness of green...
  7. I haven't always been as perfect as I am now. (HINT: you should be chortling, it's a joke) When I was in kindergarten I bit a boy named Eisie for trying to kiss me and picked a mean neighbor's flowers and threw them away in her own garbage can. Awful, I know!!
I tag...Carly, Annie Simms, Sandy, Ashlee, Jill, Heidi and Coty