Saturday, November 12, 2011

You gotta watch out for cracken, the weed and Sonic

Another post minus pictures...awful, I know. It is because I used up all of my picture energy printing out a gi-normous stack for my little bro on his mission. all depleted. So, ya'll get a little post of words. But at least I AM posting.

This past couple of weeks have been red ribbon weeks for my beasties. Gunnison came home shaking his booty to a rap "no, no, I won't do drugs 'cause I love my body too much!" Yes, little pale Gunner had his gangsta moment. Gavin came home full of quips on how drugs hurt your agility, memory and other necessary skills required to perform well in the ninja arena. And then Josiah came home full of good, accurate information. Stuff like "you gotta watch out for cracken and the weed. Mom, that stuff is bad! Cracken makes you all crazy and the weed makes you see things...yep, you better watch out for cracken and the weed." Cracken, huh...hmmm...better make sure I help him understand the real terminology. Wouldn't want anyone offering crack or coke to him and him be like "sure! As long as it's not that cracken stuff. You gotta watch out for it!"

And Sonic...I sure gotta watch out for Sonic. The realization that I am addicted to the jolly Happy Hour at Sonic kinda slapped me in the face. Emmeline is getting quite chatty, mostly gibberish, but real words and concepts make there way out randomly. I noticed as we traveled down Jefferson Ave., Emme will randomly call out "dank-you!!" After a few of these, I paid attention and noticed it was as we were passing Sonic. Hmmm...could that be it? Yep, on a random act of necessary vice-ness, I pulled in and bought a drink for me and some for the beasties. I thanked the car-hop and hear an echo behind me. I pour a bit off the boys' into her sippy (yep, I allow my not quite 2 year old too sugary drinks) and hear another "dank-you". Could it be? Uh-huh. Sonic has been re-named "dank-you". Unfortunately, the addiction realization continued when the car-hop made his early college/high-school rear back to my window to check on us. (By the way, did you know they offer free refills as long as you are there? Yes, that's right. Go ahead, smile as you get a refill on your big ol' Route 44 drink. Fabulousness.) "Hey," he says with a bright-eyed smile. "You colored your hair! I like it darker." I stammer out that this is my more natural color and thank you. He doesn't even know my name, but he has seen me enough to know my hair colors. Been there a little too often. Maybe. Just a little. Gotta watch out for Sonic. It's addictive, I tell ya.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


You know you need to write a blog post when you, yourself, start checking the blog daily to see if a new post has composed itself...

Hmmm...I promise a post will be arriving...not promising it will be much. Sorry, just not feelin' the bloggy cleverness lately.