Thursday, October 29, 2009


**I'm not feeling witty, or Whitty, so I will let the pictures do most of the talking in this post (keep your sighs of relief to yourselves!)

We started our Halloween celebrations a bit early this year. With Kit being out of town (he's been gone for 3 weeks for training in VA) I thought to give us a head start and enjoy the season...(okay, so the real reason was mostly to have things spaced out so we have something to look forward to and to save me stress)

We started by carving jack-o-lanterns for FHE last week. A bit early, I know-my boys go outside every day to check and see if they are "decaying" but, I couldn't wait! I LOVE carving pumpkins. It is one of my favorite Halloween traditions. The tension relieved by ripping out something's innards, maybe. Whatever the reason, I {HEART} pumpkin carving. I don't actually carve things myself. I leave that up to whoever the best carver is. I have too many memories of ruined creations...eyelashes falling out, ears coming off, teeth getting knocked out...(not me, my favored pumpkin) just ask my family, it was ruinous to the occasion. So to save myself the heartache, I have retired my personal knife and I am now self-proclaimed Queen Innards Remover. Since Kit was gone, the carver was my brother, Mack. The boys drew out their ideas and Uncle Mack made them happen.

You will notice how Josiah and Gunnison look a little "special" in the next couple of photos...

Mack, the carver, relishing in the use of his big knife

I love how cute my boys look with their pleased expressions {{hugs}}

We had our annual ward Chili cook-off and Trunk-or-Treat this year. I love ANY event where they will feed me chili! Yummo!! So, I was inspired to put together costumes sooner than the day before the big H. Despite the distance between us, Kit made a major contribution to Halloween this year in the form of figuring out what Gunner and I should be. We knew Gavin was going to be a leprechaun for Halloween back in the summer (his decision) and when we were in OK helping Steph pack for her move we came across this little linen suit of Grey's and knew it was perfect. Add his mischievous grin and red hair (which is hiding under the hat) it was a perfect fit. I didn't have to do much with his costume other than stencil "GOLD" on his pot and put it together. Josiah's was another matter. He has been quite excited about what he wanted to be for a LONG time, but-what to be?? That has been the question plaguing us for awhile. From Darth Vader to a porcupine to a door (yes, a door...per Jos-"They can be quite dangerous you know. One minute you'll be walking along minding your own business and Boom! you walk right into one! It happens to me all the time." ) We finally agreed on the eyeball and without too much difficulty got it put together. Gunnison was "God's gift to Women". He wore his bow and a gift tag. His smile was infectious and I thought he pulled it off well. ;) I was a Pumpkin Thief. A couple of "huh?"s, but most people got my husband's sense of humor. It made me smile, so it was worth the funny looks!

**I apologize for the next pictures. Mack's camera was struggling, too. I'd better get mine fixed before the upcoming holidays!**

The boys and their "Prince Charming" Uncle Mack

Me...and my stolen pumpkin

You can't see the belly too well 'cause I'm wearing oh-so-slimming black and the camouflage of a child, so this next one embarrasses me plenty...all because I love you!!!

( I totally pull off the Fertility Goddess look here, especially if you could see my nicely rounded thighs!)

Monday, October 12, 2009

"4" means you can climb trees...

Gavin was quite excited for his birthday. He knew that once he hit the fab age of "4" he'd be able to climb to the very top of the magnolia tree in our front-yard. He's still working at it, but that's just 'cause he's a "new 4 year old."

We love birthdays in our house. I'm sure I've said this before, but birthdays have always been so special in both my family and Kit's growing up. It doesn't have to be big, but it is still a fabulous day to celebrate only you! We started the day with the birthday banner and streamers hanging and Kit woke Gavin up to go to Krispy Kreme's for a pick-out-whatever-you-want breakfast. Gavin chose an ooey-gooey chocolate sprinkled covered donut and managed to eat half of it. I think most of the fun came from picking out and less from the eating. :) From there he came home and his birthday fun started (actually, I let him lay around in his jammies and watch T.V. while I took care of the chores).

We don't open gifts until everyone can be there, and it is SO hard to wait when you're little and Daddy coming home is such a long time away! My grandma (Grandma B. to my beasties) send a card with a dollar for Gavin to spend all on his own and we needed to complete the task of cake and icecream picking-out, so we decided a birthday trip to Wal-mart was in order. DON'T go to Wal-mart with only a dollar. When the sight of your very own Power Wheels army jeep stares you in the face, a dollar dinosaur, plane shooter, ball, or box of candy just doesn't look quite as good. After convincing Gav his dollar just wouldn't stretch that far, we took a break from the toy section and headed to the bakery. Those ginormous cakes sure look appealing! Gavin was pretty sure he needed one all covered in butterflies and bright was only $20!! Knowing my children do not really eat birthday cake, we decided on a bright, cute, round, yellow one with large sprinkles, a happy birthday sign and "Gavin" written in green. From there we moved on to the icecream choices. I even thought we'd splurge and get the non-Wal-mart brand. Despite all of the appealing choices, he still chose Neopolitan and called it a great birthday trip. ( A couple days later we went to Dollar Tree and was able to find many more choices to spend his dollar on!)

After picking up Josiah from school and Daddy and Uncle Mack got home, we opened the gifts. It is always such an event in this household. We have to field little hands from opening gifts before the birthday boy (Gunner opened the one gift sack 3 different times during the day, thankfully without Gavin seeing, until I was able to put it up and out of the way). He loved everything he was given. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! He even got a brand new big-boy bike he had asked for, but by far the hit of the day was the bow and arrow Josiah gave him. Funny how the one of the cheapest things can be the best (although only one of the arrows isn't broken now, boo). Second to that was the cowboy costume his Mimi chose for him. Crazy boy has been wearing it non-stop. But what else should I expect from the boy with the never-ending imagination!

From there we headed to the Boiling Pot for what else-crawfish and shrimp! Gavin's all-time fav food! After devoring a huge plate of fried shrimp po-boys, crawfish tails and fries we headed home (with an enormous to-go box) to attempt to eat cake and icecream. Gavin went to bed one happy "new" 4 year old.

Today he used his Aunt Sydnee's gift- a Build-a-Bear gift card and got the cutest turkey, named Figwort (so named with the aid of Josiah) and a pet Jack Russel terrier for Figwort, named Figger (hmmm, I wonder how he came up with that one?). It was a fun way to spend Josiah's day off of school and a good time to spend with Daddy before he left (to a training school for a few weeks). Thanks Aunt Sydnee, Uncle Dale, Parker and Ellee!!

**Our camera went on the fritz...not many pictures...the rest are on Kit's phone, but it wasn't downloading right...sorry**

Pandemonium begins
The prized bow and arrow

Our Rough 'n' Tough cowboy
(his hair was done, he just messed it up tons putting on and taking off the cowboy hat that came with it)

This one is only to show inquiring minds the baby belly resting on my thighs

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I love how my boys all love each other. Josiah will try to bring Gavin something home from school each day, whether it is a rock, a leftover piece of his afternoon snack or simply a picture from school. Both Gavin and Josiah watch out for Gunner, their eagle-eye watching usually taking the form of yanking some object deemed "unsuitable" from his hands amid shouts, squeals and cries. Gunner is sad when his big brothers aren't with him and so excited when they come home. They truly love one another. Don't get me wrong, my boys are rough and tough and do not hesitate to throw balls at the others' head and tackle each other on a whim. Yet despite all that, they are best friends. I love their camaraderie. I hope this love will extend to their little sister. I want them to be her friend as well as her protector. Well...maybe not too protective...Kit is already feeling sorry of the guy who thinks he'll be worthy to date her. Three big brothers and one big Daddy is an awful lot of testosterone to contend with. ;)

You did read correctly...kinda hard to believe, but it is true...

It's a GIRL!!!