Monday, March 12, 2012

Glee, Frogs and Chickens

Did anyone out there know I love music? I mean I ADORE music. I love how it makes me feel happy, in love, upbeat, spiritual...I love it all. (Ok, I do not appreciate the goodness of angry rap. Nope. Not at all) I belt out songs in the car when I'm all alone and with the radio up so loud I cannot hear my voice and I know, I know I am singing amazingly. I am AWESOME, a supa-star. Then, the song stops a beat quicker than I do (dang I need to watch my tempo) and I hear the sounds emitting from my mouth and I think "ko-kee", the sound the frogs native to Puerto Rico make (thank you, Diego, for that little piece of knowledge). Yes, I do believe I sound like a frog. So, I sing like a frog. Ok. No one needs to know that. It is between me and the empty van. Then, I get a phone call and I am told the Primary is moving me from teaching the sunbeams to being the Primary Chorister. What!? I believe I laughed in their faces (accepted the call, but still kind of poke my finger and laugh at them in an I-told-you-so kind of way). I can't sing! And I can't lead!! Seriously, you wouldn't think it is that hard and it isn't. When you wave your arm up and down like the little sunbeams. At least, that is how I've been leading the singing since I realized I look like a chicken wildly off beat as I try to keep the room full of beasties interested, learning and loving a song. But, I love it. I truly, truly love this calling. The children don't care if my voice squeaks or I can't hit the high notes (or really the low ones, either). They don't care if I lead them with one-two, one-two. They love music as much as I do and I get to share that love with them. It is amazing.

So, in honor of the love of singing: