Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Story

It seems to be my tradition after I give birth to rehash the event for all to read. I'm not sure how many of you want to know the gory details, but if you're interested, keep reading. For those who would rather believe fabulous storks bring darling babies to beautiful, relaxed mothers (wouldn't that be lovely!) avert your eyes and quickly scroll down to view my cutie-patootie in her too big bow and her going home outfit...yes, it is pink!

At about 36 1/2 weeks I went into false labor. I starting contracting 10 min. apart and they lasted through the night then moved closer together in the morning. By 10 am, they were roughly 5 min. apart, but not too intense. They were real contractions, but just without the 5 min. apart edge, if that makes sense. I had a dr. appt that day, so he had me come in early and checked me. I had moved from nothing to a 2. Not bad, but not typical of my labors. He gave me the option of checking into the hospital and breaking my water, or I could walk around and see if we could get things going more intensely. I chose to walk around. They started being more intense, but would ease into less intense contractions (now 3-5 min. apart) if I sat down. I went back to let him check me and now I was a loose 2. Not good on the progression front. Our little girl's head wasn't really engaged. He had me go to triage to be monitored and while I was laying there, things just fizzled out. He let me choose what I wanted to do and we chose to go home and wait things out. Kit had given me a blessing and it helped to make our decision. Throughout the next two weeks, Emmeline dropped and I would have strong, real contractions, but always random-no rhyme or time to them. My doctor checked me and I was almost a 4 and her head was pressing down well, hmmm...big surprise I would have contractions? He offered to start me-the belief being if we could get my contractions in rhythm, I would have a quick labor. How true that was!

I went into the hospital Friday the 19th at 6:30 am. At 7:30 he broke my water and they started me on a low dose of pitocin. The contractions were intense, but I could breathe through them. Things went from intense to very intense and my nurse (who was the BEST ever) called my doctor. Unfortunately, very intense went to have-to-push-NOW the very next contraction. So I was struggling with a LOT of effort not to push until my doctor could arrive. When I lost the battle and HAD to push, he sailed in to save the day. He took his time, made me take mine and little Miss Emmeline made her way into this world at 11:14 am. Just less than a 4 hour labor.

Let me say here how much I LOVE my doctor! He is so personable, listened to what I wanted and needed and made such an effort to have things go right. I didn't tear or need to be cut and that was definitely due to him. I was also so impressed with my nurse, Wanda. She was just what I needed. Since I labor naturally, I feel so trapped in pain when I lay in the bed. She worked with me, the tubing and monitors so I could be in a comfortable position sitting, then kneeling, then perched on the edge of the bed. I know that helped my labor to progress much quicker than if I had laid there on my back. She was cheerful and always had words of encouragement. She didn't talk too much or touch me during contractions (I'm awful-those are my 2 biggest things I can't stand when I'm laboring-even if they are just trying to be helpful).

Emmeline was such a darling surprise. My boys all had red fuzz, not too much on top-mostly body fuzz and sweet pale skin. They were longer than Emme, so they looked much thinner, not nearly as chubby and all struggled a little at birth with various problems-breathing, heat retention, etc. This little girl was such a change with hair (actual hair up there, not just fuzz), dark coloring, chubby cheeks and instant health. My boys have fallen sweetly, deeply in love with their little sister. I love it!!!

Now for the pictures-it still catches me off guard that I have a daughter. I still call her son, every now and then and when I catch sight of her bows, I smile.

Not super attractive picture of me, but this was just before leaving for the hospital

Proud Daddy

Mimi (my mother) holding Emmeline

Emmeline in her pink going home outfit-courtesy of her Auntie Stephanie

All ready to go home in her car seat-note the cute princess socks I made

Friday, February 19, 2010

And Emmeline has landed!

I'm not as clever as my wife and everybody could probably care less about anything, really, that i have to say if it doesn't involve the youngest member of our, I'll cut to the chase. At 0630 this morning Liberty and I went to the forward four hours and forty four minutes...and catch. The Doc did a beautiful job doing it and Liberty was flawless, a gold medal performance:) The result of the 4 hour and forty four minute endeavor was youngest member of the Applegate Clan's landing. Liberty will surly post more later but hopefully the following will suffice 'til then. Enjoy!

Heellooo Emme
Hello Hair!

Big brother Jos with little Sister

Clone Trooper Gavin with little Sis.

Lib looking beautiful and Baby doing great saw right the first time ... Hair!

Friday, February 12, 2010

It's What??

Snowing!!! Seriously, here in Mobile, it is snowing! Big FAT white flakes...

A weather phenomenon not experienced here since about 13 years (or so I'm told) ago. Let me just say my boys think it is the coolest thing EVER! (Just wait until we live in Yorktown next winter...)