Friday, May 20, 2011


Behold the Rugged Maniac and Rugged Miniacs...
Kit entered the Rugged Maniac race with a few office buddies last weekend. Seriously, you must be crazy to enter such a race! There are obstacles, running through forested areas, leaping over fire and mud, mud, and more mud! Kit had a blast! Meanwhile, a Miniac course was set up for the younger crazies. Of course my resident loonies took up the challenge.

About to prove how rugged they are
Dancing to the fabulously loud music
Crawling under lines in a mud pit
Climbing over the wall-Gavin would lag behind Josiah in the wall climb, but he would pull ahead every time going through the mud pit and would beat Josiah. Gav was one determined little miniac...
He's a rugged one...who loves him mama...
While the boys were proving themselves, Kit was out proving he was just as rugged. Here he is scaling a wall surrounded by...yep, mud.
The enormous slide the guys had to go down to reach the last leg of the race. They zoom down into a giant puddle of mud! All of them said this was their absolute favorite part.

The real fire pit they had to leap over. I watched them stoke it up a few times
Here they are, the manly-men...the Rugged Maniacs!

Emme chillin'

Eating all the calories burned off in the form of cheese fries, corn dogs and bbq sandwiches
By the end of the afternoon, we were all beat and more than a little grouchy
Crazy, yep...the house is full of them. What is even crazier, there's another race in October and we're entering it...together. Uh-huh, I got sucked into this one, let's see if I'll pull through. Wish me luck in my training. I simply must prove I am worthy to be spouse to the Rugged Maniac and mother to my Rugged Miniacs!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Easter!

(Gunner became a hunted Sasquatch, but I never did catch him for one more try)