Friday, February 29, 2008

A Moment

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A friend of mine did this on her blog and I thought it was a fun idea. The video clip is a sample of a moment at my house. The boys love the Hampster Dance and whenever they hear it they can't resist dancing! Note the couch "castle" in the background and the fact Gav has no pants. In case you were wondering, Gunner is sitting on my lap After reviewing this clip, I wish I had picked-up first, but I guess it wouldn't be an acurate moment if you didn't see Jos's flip flops and etc. on the foor! Oh-the clip is kind-of long. Jos insisted on being taped until the song was completed. Feel free to skip through as much as you want!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Half-Day!

Happy half-day to Gunnison, happy half-day to you!!! We are so blessed to have this happy little boy in our family. He is six months old tonight (6:58 pm) and it seems to have flown by in a flash! His little spirit is so sweet. The best example is this: poor little man has full blown pink-eye (courtesy of Josiah), a rotten cold and a fever-don't worry we've been to the doctor!!! He is sick and I can tell he doesn't feel good at all, yet he has been smiling at us all. He lifts his arms to be held and giggles at his big brothers' antics. His blessing has been coming true already-his sweet spirit has been a blessing to our home. He truly has brought the spirit of love into this house. I wasn't prepared for him, but he has been a wonderful and well-loved surprise! We love you Gunnison Michael Applegate.
Day after he was born

His Blessing Day


Showing his natural personality

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The "Ov-Glove" & Random Pictures

So, I don't know if any of you have heard of the Ov-Glove, but Gavin has. I guess it is this heat resistant glove that is used as a oven mitt. Anyway, Gav was wearing around this sock on his hand. I asked if it was a puppet or something like that, but was firmly told no. "It is my can get one at Target." So, if any of you are interested in the Ov-Glove, you can purchase it on TV or at Target! *Sigh* One would think my boys watch TV all day, every day!!
Gavin and his Ov-Glove

A cute picture of Gunner, I couldn't resist!

The boys playing with their friend, James in the dinosaurs sandbox

(Thanks Aunt Sydnee!)Gavin and Jos playing "pony"-Cracks me up 'cause Gav weighs only 10 lbs. less!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

We're in the Army now!

Before panic ensues...not us, Gunnison. Within the couple of days since my last post Gunner has been army crawling around the living room. He stretches out his body, puts his arms out in front of himself and pulls the rest of his body in a crawl. He has been seen up on his knees a couple of times rocking back and forth (but only for a moment). My concern comes from the fact that he can't sit up yet. He topples right to the side and starts rolling/army-ing around the room. I don't know how he's going to strengthen his back if he won't try to sit...oh well...a question for his pediatrician, I guess. Just thought I'd give ya'll an update!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stop the Presses for New Photos!

So I know this is two new blog entries today, but I simply had to. When I was uploading the photos for Gunner's entry, I came across these pictures-obvious due to Josiah's stealth use. As you can tell, he had a side-kick in crime...Gavin. Little stinkers should not be touching my camera!!! They made me laugh, but don't tell them that!!

Josiah, the budding photographer

"I'll smile for you, Siah"

"A little mischief? Sure. Aww, Mom'll never know!"

"We musn't forget the close-up of this amazing McDonald toy!"

Who Needs Crawling?

The time of mobility has arrived. Kit and I cheered for Gunnison's amazing feat of rolling not just one direction-no,no-but BOTH ways! Three cheers for our athletic child! Now, the cheers have stopped...I don't believe we will ever experience Gunner wowwing us with athleticism again. Who needs to learn how to crawl when you can roll everywhere? What would be the purpose of such exponential effort? Gunner rolls from one end of my house to the other (almost). We have found him stuck under the dinner table-I layed him down to play in the middle of the living room-we have found him wrapped around the end-tables, under the computer desk and on the cusp of entering the kitchen. I have watched him reach for an alluring toy just out of his grasp and when he figures out he can't make it, has rolled in the attempt to retrieve said toy. He makes us laugh with his antics (and ready smile whenever he sees us looking at him). Kit reminds me to enjoy the simple rolling and remember Gavin was walking at 8 months (he by-passed crawling almost entirely)...uggh-how much can be accomplished in 2 months? Let's hope not to the point of walking!!!

Gunner munching with enthusiasm on my couch

Friday, February 15, 2008

Day of Love

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday. Kit got me a new cell phone (hooray!!) since mine turns itself off, runs completely out of battery after 30 min. and I've had a run of yucky phones. We got new Sony Ericssons...they are amazing! It is an mp3 player, can play movies, is a podometer...ahhhh, wonderful. We got them for a great price and with the rebates we get them for free! Lovely!! Mine is so cute-it's pink! Kit and I like to get the boys a little gift, too and we got Josiah a digital watch. He is so funny-he's been wearing Kit's old (and broken) one around for a couple of weeks, so we got him one of his own. He has been wearing it non-stop and is quite cautious of water, bumps, etc. in his attempt to protect it. We got Gavin a Gone Fishing game, you know, with the fish that open and close their mouths and you fish w/fishing poles...we wanted a game Jos and Gav could play together...without the help of mom and dad. It was totally fab! They played together, nicely, all day yesterday. Ahhhh! Kit, my romantic husband, also put together a gift bag for me (with the help of my sister and mom). It was a get fit bag-we have been working out together. I was excited! I sure love my husband!! I gave Kit the Michael Buble cd and a desk calendar filled with things I love about him. He is worth my praise and love!!

We then had the missionaries over for dinner. They are both from Hawaii and so amazing. They might not be scriptorians, but the spirit is so strong with them. We fed them an "Eskimo Joes" meal of our version of Fowl Things, cheese fries, Kit's delicious baked beans, green salad and Red Hot Punch. We had a trifle for dessert (way yummy w/red velvet cake). Of course dinner was an experience with my boys...ugh. Josiah kept playing with Elder Tovo (the zone leader) and Gavin kept crawling under the table and switching between my lap and the lap of Elder Reese. The Elders were great, though. They love my boys, thankfully! Then, the best part, the Elders shared their message with us. Elder Tovo plays the ukelele and both of them have AMAZINGLY beautiful voices. They read a scripture out of John about love and how the love of our Heavenly Father and Savior is the purest love. Elder Tovo played his ukelele softly in the background then they sang an arrangement (by E.Tovo) of "Oh My Father". It was so beautiful and the spirit was so strong. For a brief moment, our kiddies calmed down and Jos whispered to me, "If our spirits were near Heavenly Father now, I know they would run to him for hugs." Isn't that the truth! The Elders testified of the love our Father has for us. They thanked us for having them in our home and giving them a taste of their homes (as crazy as ours-surrounded by young cousins,etc.). It was such a beautiful meaning given to us on Valentine's Day.

I know V. Day is a completely commercialized holiday, but I am thankful for a day dedicated to all varieties of love-love of a parent to a child, the love of lovers and the love of our Heavenly Father for His children.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Family Fun!

So, I've been delaying blogging about my family's visit...I didn't want it to end and it makes me sad to have to act as if it is all over. Although, with my now empty house it is glaringly obvious that the vacation is over. I LOVE my family and having them here was sooo much fun! My house is quite small and we were all stuffed in here like sardines, but it was cozy instead of annoying (at least in my opinion, since I was the one sleeping in my room and in my bed... :oP).

On Saturday, my kids and I anxiously waited the family's arrival; I even allowed them to stay up past their bedtime!! I loved how my mom, my sisters and I immediately settle back into routine as if we haven't been apart and can (and do) start to talk about anything and everything. Sunday was Whitney's b-day (Happy 23rd!!!) and my mom made a wonderful roast (my little family doesn't often have such nice was a treat for me!)and we celebrated with angel-food cake and Iltalian Ices.

Gunnison and Georgia playing together

Greyson being so adorable eating lunch!

For our 1st outing we hit America's Thrift Store...YEAH!! I'm in love with the buys I can get there. Despite having to sift through junk, I can find GAP, Old Navy, Gymboree and Children's Place not only often, but cheaply. If you're willing to look, you can outfit your kids easily. Unfortunately, my children weren't as accomodating to my clothes hunt, but Mimi saved the day by whisking them away to the toy section where she found a scooter Josiah will love her forever for (he has ridden it around nearly everyday and insists he rides it on our walks). Our next adventure consisted of crossing the bay and tackling the shopping at Tanger Outlet Mall. Another of my favorites. If you time it at the beginning of a season you can get fab deals on the previous season's clothes. On a tight budget, it is my saving grace-I buy for the next winter, my kids look nice and I save a bundle. My sisters and I made a haul on the wonderful deals ($1.99 shirts, $4.00 jammies, $3.99 pants, etc.). Yeah for shopping!

My boys on a Merri-Go-Round at Tanger

Mimi took us to Blue Rabbit's Paradise, a supped-up playland where we gobbled pizza and the kids played to their heart's content in a giant castle. It was wonderful to have playmates for Jos and Gav. They loved having all of their cousins about. They truly miss them when they're gone. We also ate at Lambert's "Home of the Throwed Rolls". It is an experience worth repeating whenever family comes to town. You catch your dinner rolls, get tons of food and is totally kid friendly. We love it there! Who wouldn't when they dole out food like there is no tomorrow and the kids can dance to the music in the aisles.

Josiah and Grey outside of Lambert's

Ezra and his caught roll

Mimi (being beautiful) with Ez outside of Lambert's

It was so exciting to take the kids to a Mardi Gras parade. They throw beads, stuffed animals, moonpies and candy as the floats go buy! The kids were so cute waving their arms and shouting for beads despite being all bundled up. I was so glad my fam could share a true Mobile experience. We love living here and love to share the culture with our family members as they visit. Boiled peanuts and beads anyone?

I would have to say my personal favorite of their visit were the evenings after the kids were in bed. My mom, sisters and I would just sit down and talk. We stayed up so late just talking and laughing...and laughing. If you know us Holyoak girls, we get a little funnier and funnier the later it gets. It doesn't take much to get us rolling on the ground! I love how we can talk. I got to know my sisters and their views all over again.

Stephanie and Ella (aren't they gorgeous!)

The visit was too short but cherished all the more! I love and miss you all!!!