Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How True

"Mom, your screws are loose!"

Yes...yes they are...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brotherly Luuuv...

So, I received a text message from my brother this afternoon telling me he loved me and had been thinking of me. It warmed me from the tips of my cold toes (for some reason, my toes have been quite chilly today) to my heart. It is so nice to hear/read your family loves you. I love my brother(s) (and sisters) so much. I am so thankful for the strength they give me to keep me buoyed up and trugging (yes, I meant trugging (not trudging) it seems like such a descriptive word, even if it isn't a real one) along the strait and narrow. Life is hard, full of ups and downs. Sometimes the strait and narrow is a path with cliffs and shear drops down one side and other times the path widens and you know it won't be too difficult to clomp your way along. The primary theme this year is our Eternal Family. How wonderful we have the blessings of families that can be together forever and the Lord saw fit to put us in units of strength and love.

My sons are FULL of love for each other. Sometimes it is expressed in clenched teeth and too tight hugs...other times it is Josiah lifting Gavin up from a fall and carrying him, stumbling, to the house simply to make sure he's alright. Love is expressed in the desire to emulate, in which Gavin and Gunnison excell, much to my dismay at the potty-talk, sword fighting and silly jokes that abound in my house. They want to kneel together to say their prayers, brush their teeth and read the scriptures. Gavin wants to sit reverently by Josiah in primary (unfortunately that lasts for only a few seconds) and share his testimony simply for the reason he sees his brother doing it. I am thankful for the gift that is our family. May my little one be a strong as Kit's and mine were growing up.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rainy Day Blues...Sunny Day Fun

It has been dreary and rainy the last couple of days. I find I move slower, get tired easier and feel a little down when the rain falls. To combat the rainy day blues, I turn on loud music and think of good things. A couple come quickly to mind.

My mother and father-in-law came to visit for their spring break. We had tons of fun. We spent an afternoon in New Orleans, ate more food than we should and had a picnic at the beach. I enjoyed visiting and hearing all about my sister-in-laws and their families and my boys spent MANY happy moments jumping on their Papa and playing games (all the ones their meanie mommy neglects) with their Grammy. Josiah was ecstatic Grammy and Papa tasted the "best macaroni in the world" when they took the time to eat lunch with him at his school. Quite a feat when lunch starts at 10:30 am. Who eats that early?! I guess little kindergarteners do. Gavin spent a lot of time doing "guy" things with his daddy and Papa and searched for treasures while geo-caching. Gunnison fell in love with Papa. If he wasn't around, a little voice calling "Papa" , quite loudly, could be heard. I enjoy how the love "Grammy" and "Papa" have for my boys shines through their eyes. They wear their hearts on their sleeves when it comes to my red-headed beasties and I adore it. When they are around, Josiah, Gavin and Gunnison are SPOILED. Despite that, my boys tried to be good and make their grandparents proud of them.

Another fun thought to think about is my sweetie's birthday. He is now 32 and more handsome than when we first met. He makes me complain and get oh-so frustrated, but he makes me smile and laugh more than anyone else I know. Maybe he could even be a stand-up comedian! (inside joke, sorry) We went out to dinner with his parents (and no children, hooray) to a hibachi grill. It was a blast. Talk about dinner and a show! Yummo! and the sushi was fab. I love Kit and it makes me happy thinking about him and all of his funniness. I only hope he chuckles as much about my quirks (and pulls his hair less-if he had hair).

The sun is peeking around the gray clouds and I have a smile on my face. Isn't it nice what happy thoughts can do!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Attraction of Batman is Strong...

Gunnison has recently upped his speaking quota. It is, of course, only understandable via Mommy Translation Services, but the increase HAS been noted. One of my favorite words he has acquired is Batman (pronounced batba). Gavin received an Imaginext BatCave from Santa and Gunner loves it. He will come up to me and request "Batba" with the intent to play. This morning I got to see a fun brother-love moment and I thought to share it with you. --- Gunner came running up to me and requested "up". Once I was holding him, he grabbed my cheeks to make sure I was looking at him and asked for "Batba". I said "Sure, I'll get Batman for you" and he quickly wriggled his way to the floor. He headed for the boys' room, but stopped after a couple of steps. He turned around and ran to Josiah, who was standing a few feet away. Gun grabbed his shirt tail and garbled "iah, Batba?" He was asking Jos to play with him! Totally cute!! Josiah said yes, Gunner got a HUGE grin and ran to the boys' room with Josiah following. Ahhh...makes all their goobery-ness this morning okay.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who can complain?

To tell the truth, I can always find reasons to complain. Leaves covering my backyard, children with perforated ear drums, squeaky brakes, chubby clothes and saggy body, a black thumb=dead favorite fern and you know the list goes on...

BUT- I have so much to look to the positive. It has been absolutely beautiful here. High 70s the latter part of this week and the azaleas are fabulously in bloom. I planted a few pansies (my absolute favorite flowers) in my flower box, put up my yellow wreath and yellow wooden flower. Our pseudo-landlord came over and fixed our kitchen light so we are no longer cooking, dish washing, etc. in the dark. Kit was my mechanic and changed my oil and replaced my burned-out bulbs in the car. Kit and I have been good about working out every day this week and really watching what we've been eating. We're good at lifting the other if we're drifting (we're also great at suggesting pizza to the other and agreeing...thankfully less of that lately). Drum-roll here...Kit and I actually had a date (with none of our children accompanying us). It has been FOREVER since that has happened. We a wonderful time talking, laughing and just being alone (thanks Whit and Spence for the gift-card & baby-sitter $). We have beautiful, if crazy and mischievous, little boys who always make us laugh, groan, pull our hair and make eyes turn towards us in Sacrament Mtg. Three little warriors who are making their way back towards our Heavenly Father in this life. So many things that bring a little smile of contentment to my lips.

Things can always look brighter, happier. Kit attended a meeting today and the stake presidency member asked each of the auxiliaries to tell the group their positives. He didn't want to be informed of their negatives. What have they accomplished or at least were working on accomplishing? What have I? Many of you, like myself, can find ourselves bogged down with what we're not getting done in our hour, day, month, 5 years...but if I look, I can find fabulous accomplishments for myself and my family.