Thursday, August 27, 2009


We have our fourth beastie (or beastette??!) on the way! Hooray!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Week of 1sts

This past week was a busy one-caused by the 1st day of school. Josiah started the First Grade. My baby is officially a big boy. He was very excited about the first day. His teacher, Ms. Hegwood seems like a lot of fun. The classroom is decorated with all things under the sea. Josiah loved it! Unfortunately, his enthusiasm has waned slightly. The call of the unknown fun he thinks he is missing at home forces him to whine and beg to stay home daily. If only he would realize cleaning the house, doing laundry and other mundane tasks are the unknown fun he's missing.

Another first occurred this week. Gavin received his first stitches. You would think with my three beasties and how crazy they are this would have already occurred, but I believe their poor guardian angels have been working overtime. Gavin climbed down his bunk-bed and got his head walloped by the ceiling fan. Our good friend, and ward member, came by to take a look and eventually stitched him up. MAJOR crying, thrashing around and 3 stitches later, Gavin thinks his stitches are pretty cool and loves telling all who will listen about the "lots and lots of bloooood all over!".

Kind of a silly first is little Gunnison. He has sure been cracking me and Kit up. This week he's taken to laughing evilly. It is quite reminiscent of my niecy, Georgia. He cackles as he runs away- "I running, ha ha ha!" or makes fun of his brothers- "No candy for you, ha ha ha!" It is so funny...and such a grown up thing to do. Little stinker is growing so quickly!!

Kind-of a boring post, but at least I posted!!! Whew, I about killed myself with the effort!