Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quirks? Who Me?

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3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
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Okay, you asked for them...

1. I HATE dirty floors. Hair, food, name it, if it is on the floor I hate it! I vacuum and sweep at least once a day. I hate to see hair on the bathroom floor collecting with dust in the makes me shudder. Honestly, if my floors are vacuumed, I feel like I have a relatively clean house...just don't check for dust...

2. I like to have a clean, tidy house, but I'm awful at putting things away. I don't mean straightening up toys and such, but once I finish washing all my dishes and let them dry, I am hard pressed to put them in the cupboards. It is SUCH an effort. I am fabulous at working hard and getting my laundry done, but the clothes that air-dry on the clothes rack...hmmm...let's just say I am working on it. I was good this week and got them all put up the next day, but last week, well...they were "drying" for a good 4 days. I know! If I go through so much effort to clean everything, why can't I just expend a little more and make everything even tidier?...I don't know...just thinking about it makes me tired...

3. I love to pick peeling sunburned skin. Truly! I love the feeling of pulling it. Kind of gross, but at least I'm not obsessed with pus like my husband.

4. I won't put my children in character clothes. I don 't like them. I think they're tacky. I might buy their wardrobes at a thrift store, but I won't stoop so low as to put them in tacky Tigger outfits. Harsh, huh! Sorry for those of you who do, I don't judge you, I just won't. Really, I don't think anything of it on fact Steph has a really cute tees for her boys she bought from the Disney store while here. I just think uggh...when I dress them on my boys. So, if I am ever graced with a daughter, you will not be seeing her in Ariel and Belle shirts while I am on duty! While I am at it, I hate my boys without undershirts. I think they look like they have scrawny necks and I don't like to see collar bones on boys...I'm awful, I know. Don't tell my babies I think they have scrawny necks...

5. I don't like people helping me. I love to help people, but I hate it returned. This is something I'm working on, 'cause everyone NEEDS help including me, but it is SO hard to accept. I don't like my mom doing my dishes, I don't like people buying me things (except gifts, I LOVE gifts!) and heaven forbid someone touches my laundry!!!! I really need to overcome this one, because it is good for my boys to see both sides of service.

6. Food makes me HAPPY! It does! Hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts, a large bag of PB M&Ms, Panera Bread, Lowland boil with spicy shrimp, potatoes, crawfish and sausage, crispy hot french fries and a fabulous slab of med-rare steak. My mouth is watering and just thinking of my favorite things brings a smile to my mugg. Just call me Creme Puff!

Okay, I tag Jenny, Sandy, Andrea, Coty, Haylee and Jill

Friday, July 11, 2008

Do the Do!

SO, I love to have my little boys' hair done. I think it ups their appeal, hides the beastly-ness and distracts the eye from the smooshed fruit-snack mark and chocolate milk dribble on the shirt. I've been struggling to find the right hair product for them, though. Mousse doesn't' hold well enough and most gels leave white powder in their hair, now making them not just beastly, but dirty and beastly. Hmmm...quite the dilemma. So-I was low in hair products at my sis-in-law, Sydnee's, and I borrowed some of theirs. Viola!!! I found the fabulous do-doer!

Garnier Fructis Wet Shine Gel

...seriously, I love this stuff for my boys! It holds their hair wonderfully (with a little hairspray) and doesn't get all white even when they roll their heads around on the floor and couch (yes, this is a common occurrence). Isn't life grand!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We're Back!

We are officially back from our last trip of the 2008 summer. We headed north to New Albany, Ohio to Kit's sister, Sydnee's house. The drive was absolutely beautiful! We made our way up through Tennessee then Kentucky into Ohio. Whew, what beautiful rolling hills. I haven't been through that horse country since we moved away when I was 11 years old. I loved it! The drive wasn't as bad as it could have been-we made it in 15 hours. I kept busy, however, with repeating the few lines of "Black Water Hattie" I remembered from my dad's telling, playing the "Animal Game", the "Letter Game" and sticking my rear up in the air as I retrieved fallen paraphernalia.

We celebrated Ellee's baptism with the Edman family then headed to Lafayette, Indiana to spend time with Kit's sister, Ashlee, her husband-Greg, their darling little boy-Michael and Kit's parents. We were able to take it easy there and the boys loved playing with their new little boy cousin. It was the first time we have seen him since he was born last October. He is so adorable! I just couldn't kiss his little round cheeks enough! We went to an enormous dairy farm, Fair Oaks Farms. We had an absolute blast!!! It brought me back to beautiful Logan, Utah and the times I went with my dad on his dairy rounds. We were able to taste delectable cheeses and ice cream, tour the facilities and watch the birth of a calf! My boys were mesmerized...yes, baby Gunner was born kind of like that, but without the far that was the high-light of the outing for my boys!

Gavin navigating a tractor obstacle course at Fair Oaks Farm

Gunner enjoying a taste (gulp more like) of my ice cream cone

My sweet brother-in-law is the assistant golf coach at Purdue University so we were able to go practice putting and distance hitting (sorry, I still can't remember the correct term). We all cringed with each swing of the club if it was it was in the hands of 2 particular little boys. I think we were just waiting for the conking sound of it bouncing off of the other's head. We got lucky with no injuries in that endeavor. I truly appreciated the hospitality the Robertsons gave us. Having your beautiful, quiet house invaded by a troop can't be easy, but they made it look painless and made us feel so welcome!

My little pro-hahaAshlee and Baby Michael (isn't he squeezable!)Isn't he cute!

We headed back to New Albany to spend more time with Sydnee, Dale, Parker and Ellee. My boys loved the extra playmates (as did I) and spent many hours battling in pillow fights, acting out adventures, reading books and watching movies together. We went to Wall-E, the Columbus Zoo, the New Albany Pool, the botanical conservatory and simply enjoyed spending time together. The zoo was amazing! We got to see everything from a komodo dragon to a koala bear. It was so fun! Another highlight was the pool. I have never been to a more fabulous city pool! The kiddie pool was a park in water with slides, enormous water guns and more! My boys had a blast playing with their cousins and their daddy in the water. We went to the botanical conservatory later that evening and were able to admire butterflies as they flittered around us and the breathtaking work of Dale Chihuly. The Fourth of July was spent together relaxing and gorging ourselves on delicious food. Hmmm, it truly was a well-spent vacation. My sister-in-laws were wonderful hostesses and really put me at ease (which is saying something these days). Thank you for a wonderful summer break!!

Wonder which is the monkey?

Parker, Ellee and Jos enjoying the viewChihuly-absolutely breathtaking