Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Missing the South

Happy Fat Tuesday, ya'll! I am missing the deep Southern culture this time of year. The yummy stickiness of King Cake, the spice of boiled peanuts and the fabulous parades throwing beads, stuffed animals and moon pies into the waiting arms of my cheering children. Ahhh, Mardi Gras, how we miss you. I did purchase a King Cake this year, but had to find one at a specialty grocer. ...sigh... and when your children reminisce about how they miss their Mardi Gras school break, you know we're missing Alabama.

So a little feel of the Soul of the South from a band with our {{Albama}} love goin' on...

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Old Saying...

Ya'll know the old adage your parents parroted to you as a youth? It goes something like this..."if your ______ told you to jump off a _____ would you do it?" The correct answer here is "No! Of course not!". Hmmm...if your name happens to be Gavin and we filled in the blanks with "older brother" and "2nd story bedroom window sill" the answer would be "Yes, I would and did. Ninjas can jump that far." *sigh* His poor guardian angels work over-time keeping that kid out of the ER.