Monday, April 19, 2010


I really don't have anything fabulous, cute or funny to post about. Life is simply carrying on it lovely and not-so-lovely self. Emmeline is 10 lbs., and oh so happy while she's held; Josiah has another loose tooth so he's snaggly-looking (he refuses to let anyone pull them, blehh!). Gavin is rambunctious, climbing everything, attempting to do mid-air flips while running ( we've made sure he understands he CANNOT practice this!!!) and making unusual facial expressions. Gunnison is now in the potty-training stage *SIGH* (an extremely loud, heartfelt sigh). He is doing well, considering we are starting on week 2 of the process. I dread this time, always, but it is here and once we start, we don't go back.

We had a fun spring break, but just spent it around the house. We went to the beach, attempted with spring cleaning, played at the park, picnicked and played UNO about a zillion times. Kit, the lucky one, took the big boys to a matinee of How to Train your Dragon. All in all, a fun enough break.

I can't wait until we see family--counting down!!

Okay, I'll stop with the boring report . I'll update with something fun, exciting or entertaining next time!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Close-ups of Littlest

Just a few pictures for those who want to see little miss Emme close up...demand...and eventually I'll supply...

One of the last cool days. Outfit courtesy of Auntie Steph

During the oh-so-long wait in car-pool
Easter: Daddy refused to let Emme wear her hair bow while he was holding her-picture big, pink and fabulousness

Wasting time at McDonald's playland. Raining outside...crazy get the idea