Thursday, March 31, 2011


Because I love how my littlest boy uses his entire face to smile
Because I love the confidence of my oldest, even wearing his goofy "100 Day" hat
Because I absolutely adored Emmeline's BIG bows
Because I am sad she will not leave the bows on...and we have had to move on to little clips
Because there is never a set of pictures I download to the computer without me looking fabulous (thanks dear)
Because I was crazy and tried my hand at making a spring wreath
Because his excited grin was just so cute
Because I am thankful for friends that help make Cub Scouts a good experience
Because even though it only came in 11th, it was the coolest car there
(you know, the orange one with the big black OSU)
Because we are so thankful for an auntie who sends such fabulous jammies...seriously grateful, it has given such joy to the wearer and laughter to the see-ers

Because I have at least posted...whew...the longer I wait in-between, the harder it gets!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Granddad Says...

For the past couple of weeks, we have had the presence of my father in our home...well, at least in word. It all started with Gunnison coming down for breakfast one morning. He was quick to tell me what he wanted to eat because according to him, Granddad was coming to pick him up later that day and they were going on a trip together to the mountains. He needed to eat, because Granddad wanted him to have energy. He needed to brush his teeth, because Granddad wouldn't like stinky breath or dirty teeth. He quickly got dressed because he knew Granddad couldn't take him to the mountains in his pajamas (he took them completely off that day, not even letting them lurk under his pants). He wasn't playing; Gunner was serious. He kept watching, waiting. He was finally distracted by us going to playgroup and then the library. He went to bed that night and my heart hurt a little that he wasn't able to take his trip with my dad.

But then, the next day, Granddad came to stay. Everything Gunnison said dealt with Granddad. Granddad wouldn't let him wear his striped shirt, only the "B" for Bear shirt. Granddad wouldn't let him sit in the black and grey car seat, just the red and black one. Grandad said Gunner didn't need to eat carrots at dinner and of course Granddad would let Gun eat some candy before bed. Granddad helps choose which chores Gunnison does throughout the day and he is always going to reprimand Josiah and Gavin for their wrongs against Gunner.

My mom wasn't sure Gunner remembered exactly who his granddad was. Hmmm, maybe "Granddad" was just a name for an idea in Gun's mind. Nope. I found a few photos of my dad and watched Gunner point him out with a grin. His champion was there in picture for him to admire. So, while I gnash my teeth (just a bit) at how Granddad would never shout for Gunner to "just obey", or when Granddad is determined to let Gunner play with my cell phone, I think of my son's smile at his granddad's face in the photo and the ways his face lights up when I read one of the emails my dad has sent the boys and I am thankful he is visiting our home. Even if it is in word only.