Saturday, June 27, 2009

Letting off steam

I was having one of those days this past week. You know the ones-where the house feels too hot, too messy, too small...where the beasties feel too whiny, too argumentative, simply too much. So, I quickly made the decision to get out of dodge...or at least my sticky, cramped home. We took off for Dauphin Island and made an afternoon of it. As we were driving, I could feel how wound up I was. Do you know what I mean? Where my shoulders were tight, my neck aching, my teeth clenched and the feeling like I'm a thin piece of string held to the tautest point right before snapping. I tried to talk myself down, but wasn't having much luck when one of my fav songs came on the radio. That's Not My Name I don't know what it is exactly about this song that makes me smile, but I do and I have the irresistible urge to sing along with my imaginary microphone and dance with whatever body parts I can as I drive, clean or whatever I happen to be doing when I hear this song. So...on comes my song and I glance in the rear-view mirror to see if any of the beasties noticed. Yep. They all were looking expectantly at me with their imaginary microphones ready. Yes, even the littlest beastie likes to sing along. I had to laugh...and of course sing. In my tone deaf voice (that is why the radio needs to be up WAY loud-that way you can't hear yourself singing awfully) I belted out the words and let off a lot of pent up steam. Do you ever let off steam in silly ways? Share!!! I can always use more ways of letting go...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Snap-Shot Moments

A quick pic of Gunner as I found him-with a raspberry marker beard, gloves and embellishments to his outfit. The little beastie had been going to town with a forbidden marker he purveyed from the big beasties. This is his "cheese" face.

Kit and I were able to have a night out for our anniversary, something we haven't done since Josiah joined our family. My brother, Mack, braved the energetic beasties and even cleaned up a "blow-out" situation courtesy of Gunnison. He was truly wonderful to give us that overnight freedom. Kit and I went out to dinner at Felix's Fish Camp where I devoured an Ahi Tuna steak on par with a lovely juicy beef steak-and for anyone who knows my tastes, that's saying something! We then spent the night in a nice hotel downtown and enjoyed sleeping in a bed without any extra little bodies cramming in. We also delighted in a morning where BOTH of us could sleep in...what bliss.

The next day Kit took me out to lunch at the Shed for fab barbeque, another favorite of mine. Yes, I am truly a hardcore carnivore. We had fun being silly, sharing PDA and simply being alone...together.

Not the cutest picture, it was hot and humid...flat hair, shiny faces...but, we were together and enjoying life!

Silliness-me kissing the Shed 'Gator

Father's Day- for Father's Day we decided to frost some special cupcakes just for Daddy. The boys went to town as you can see by Gun's blue beard and mustache. I think he has a thing for facial hair.

Josiah cheesin' it
Oh yum... be forewarned- do not eat anything Gavin frosts...this is just a part of his frosting technique.

Look out baking blogs...get a load of these beauties...decorated by the Applegate Beasties!

Gavin's own creation. Kit and Mack wisely left this for Gav to devour himself.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My New Love

Let me tell you how this love affair began with an amazing list known to me as my daily obsession, but known to all as Craigslist. Now, I had been in search of a small desk to fit in my boys' room and low and behold one appeared on my obsession. Listed as heavy, solid wood- $15, but without a picture ... my appetite was whet. I drove out to DIP to check it out and...oooh, wonderful potential. Now, I'm attracted to this desk, but it is not my true love. As I hauled this beauty into my van, the seller wanted to show me another treasure of hers. She hated to sell it, but had to downsize. Being polite I went, saw and*****I fell in L.O.V.E.!!!!***** I did, I'll admit it. I fell head over heels for something I really didn't have room for. The charm, the uniqueness, the fabulous-ness of what it can be-AND-only for $35. When can you get a hutch for $35?! BUT...sigh...I'm practical...I went home without my beauty....

I called my sis, Whit, and lamented the loss of this treasure. I wanted it, but I didn't need it, really don't have a spot for it...she and I decided I'd sleep on it. I did...I still wanted...I resisted...

The story would end there, except I couldn't get it out of my mind. I told my husband and brother all about it. I rehashed "the meeting" with my sisters and Mom when they came later that week. I was, I gave into the attraction and phoned the seller. It was still available! She hadn't listed it and it was mine if I wanted. Such glee filled my heart. I know I shouldn't be attached to material goods, but I AM!

My wonderful husband went with me to pick up my love. It was everything I remembered and the love was still there. We brought it home and I've gone to work. Loving this baby hasn't been easy, much stripping and cleaning have been going on, but it is a labor of love.

I'm sharing with you my mid-work pictures. This is after I have stripped the heavy yellow 70's varnish off the top of the hutch. I'm debating whether I need to strip the primer already on the base or not. If you have any suggestions, I'm open to them. I'm learning as I go on this one.

Can't you just picture it in a beautiful, popping shade of red? Note the beautiful stars
Hmmm...I'm smiling...

The Top

The Base-bad pic, taken from under my table :)

The Side-View

The Most Fabulous Knobs, EVER

The Cute Kid Who Happened to Want His Picture Taken-silly beastie!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Kit and I are chuckling in the living room. It is an hour and 15 min. since we have put our children to bed. Time to relax...or not...

Josiah moves slowly from the hallway. His lip is quivering.

"Mom, just listening to you two laughing out here makes me cry a little bit. 'Cause I know you're having fun and I am not."

To be honest, Kit and I laughed harder...poor little boy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Beach Jaunt

Okay, so not exactly the first one of the spring/summer...that was attempted with my Auntie Stacy, her family and my family over Memorial Day weekend. Let's just say: wind, rain, sun...wind, rain, sun...more wind, more rain, call it quits. I hope they can make it over here again before the end of summer, or at least before the end of beach weather and experience the sun and fun the right way.

So, for our first-successful-beach jaunt the weather cooperated fabulously. Nineties, hot sun, easy drive to Dauphin Island-fab! After a long hike in the white sand to the water (goodness, the beach has grown since we first moved here) we settled ourselves in for a long afternoon. The boys are always a little timid of the water at first (I am so getting them into swimming lessons this summer!!) but quickly warmed up and were giving my heart quite the exercise as they "swam" around in the warm water. Gunner enjoyed digging around in the sand and I thought I might just be able to relax and get some color on my pearly whites (and I don't mean teeth).

Such wishful thinking was futile. Gun grew very interested in the going-ons all around him. After chasing the seagulls, he meandered back to our blanket covered in black goo. Yes, I thought the same thing...but no, he wasn't covered in crap, he was covered (one whole leg and hand/arm) in a thick, oily, sticky substance. I washed him off with sand and the water, but to no avail. It simply thinned and spread. I quickly had a son with ethnic appendages. Being a good MST coastie wife, I called my husband and asked him what the crap had washed up on shore. Tar...hmmm...being the good coastie MST husband, he had me walk up and down the beach determining how many tar balls and stained sand were there and document it with pictures. I know Kit misses Response...the desire to come out to investigate and over-see clean up was apparent in his voice. Walking with my boys on the beach is like herding cats (a term stolen from my dad-in-law), but our mission was soon over. Back to enjoying the surf. A while later, Jos comes bounding out of the water with...yes, you guessed it...tar covering his pale belly and down the side of his swimsuit. Seriously-I looked around-my kiddies were the only ones now colored from tar!! Not too much there, but my beasties found it! Isn't that ALWAYS the way. I decided to ignore it this time and we had fun for the rest of the afternoon.

Fun, sun and yes, some color. Of course it is only one strip down the front of my legs, but who wouldn't love red shins. Maybe I'll start a new trend...or better yet, maybe I'll return next week to work on the back and sides.