Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My oldest is growing up! Just this past week, kisses seem to be dis-gus-ting. Not sure what the change is, but now the sight or sound of smooches between me and his daddy gross him out. "Mommy " kisses are still acceptable, but kissing between boys and girls is yucky. This morning as I kissed Kit good-bye (a quick peck) I was informed by Jos that "it vexes his mind when we kiss." Where does he come up with this stuff?

That's okay. I don't mind him being grossed out by kissing...so long as it lasts 'til he gets home from his mission.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blogging Stumped!

Or should I say blogging slump? Blehh! I hate when I can't think of anything to blog about...it is not that NOTHING is happening, just nothing noteworthy. Well, a lot of what I blog about isn't worthy, but you know what I mean. I thought I'd just share a few random things, if only to get something new up on my page.

We recently acquired another member to our household...Jean-Luc. He is a charming Elf, straight from the Cajun Elf-on-the-Shelf Academy. Where, I have been told by Josiah, he learned how to NOT move at all, not even to blink. He appeared in our house leaving a book for my sons to find. Josiah knew exactly who he was, since he has a special elf in his classroom, Jingles, and he heard about Demetri, his cousins' Russian elf. Gavin had a smidgen of doubt that poor Jean-Luc was real, he even poked him a few times with a piece of paper (not his finger in case he was real and would take away his magic) to prove he was just a doll, but Josiah claimed his fortitude was acquired with the training he has received. I was even so silly as to mention I thought Jean-Luc winked at me...Josiah promptly responded "Mom, he's not allowed to wink! Sometimes it is easy to imagine things, isn't it." My children have all been won over and look with anticipation each morning to see where our silly elf is hiding to watch our family.

Another fun addition to our house has been a darling nativity set my dad sent us. Crazy to think, but I didn't have a nativity set until he was so thoughtful and set me one. I never bought one out of the dollar store in avoidance of wings, etc and at least the ones I saw were kinda bleh. As a new tradition we have added a few pieces each night and discussed who they are and what part they have in the Christmas Story. My boys have been so cute in their anticipation and have reminded me to add the pieces each time. I love to see the Spirit of Christmas in their eyes and hear them speak about the real reason for this fabulous holiday time.

We are getting ready to go home to Oklahoma for Christmas. We haven't spent it with the Holyoak clan since Gavin was born, whew! four years ago! It will be a production, but oh-so-fun, with my sisters' and their families there and Mack, too. We will be missing my brother, Jesse, but we will definitely be thinking about him in Japan. So far away, often too far away!!!

Life just seems to be making its way...slowly at times and too quickly at others. I'm feeling large and bulky one day, then claiming I'm not nearly as big as I was with Gunner others. My boys make us smile and laugh, then pull our hair. Life carries on in its crazy, fabulous way.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I was pondering splurges today. You know, adding up the little things I do for myself. I don't view myself as selfish really (but then, do you know a selfish person who does?-so, I'm hoping I'm not just deluding myself), but I have a few luxuries I allow myself. To start, I adore paper plates. I know, I know...I'm killing the world single-handedly with my splurge, but I don't have a dishwasher. Not an excuse, but I ABHOR dishes. Truly, it is my most hated chore and I would rather mop floors, do laundry and clean toilets than wash as many dishes as we produce by hand 3 times a day. Which brings me to my next splurge-bleach tablets for the toilets. Fabulous! I love the smell of bleach every time the toilet is flushed AND how easy the toilet is to clean. I also love color catchers for the laundry. They are my peace of mind in case of color mishaps. Love 'em!

I splurge on my appearance, too. I love the look of my nails being done, but cannot afford the upkeep. To keep my man-hands from looking so manly, I splurge and buy fake nails and apply them myself once a week or so. Ahhh, well manicured hands for a fraction of the cost. I'm going gray(blehhh!!!) and I am so not okay with it! So, to combat the old-tired mommy creeping in, I dye. I {{heart}} those little boxes. Phew, keep that gray away!

I also keep easy foods on hand for my beasties' lunches. Ramen and chicken nuggets have a continual place here in my home. I love the convenience of the quick fix for their hunger. Saves time; makes me smile!

Are you as selfish as I am? Or, am I telling you all my deep, dark secrets? I love hearing about other people's favorites and can't-do-withouts.