Thursday, January 27, 2011


Boots. These $1.50 rain boots are Gunnison's favorite footwear. I bought them for him at the beginning of fall. Due to nice weather, they were tucked away into our black bench. As the weather worsened, so did Gun's desire to wear them. Finally, I couldn't say no and The Boots became an essential part of his wardrobe. In fact, I would say the only pair of footwear he wears (except for Sunday shoes...I do have some boundaries, people). Easy on. Easy off. Helps hide the jammies poking out the bottom of his jeans...can't say I complain too much.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Finishing December

We had some fabulous snow...I {heart} Christmas snow...
a white Christmas was lovely

And about 2 minutes after this picture was taken (which I hurried out to do as soon as he was dressed for the outdoors), Josiah was in the house drinking hot chocolate 'cause it was "freezing outside!!" My poor snow-deprived children didn't even know how to squish the snow together to make a snow-ball. They finally learned before all of the snow melted.

Next, a picture of the BEST Christmas presents...ever!!
I think I could just post this picture and call it the most wonderful Christmas blog

Note the fabulous camo heels (they look even better on),
the flower bag and oh-so-embellished shirts for me!!!
My husband (with a little help) gave me a fabbity-fab Christmas.

I'll move on now from my worldliness and show you a telling picture of my beasties (the Sunday before Christmas).

Gunner is giving you a peek at his oh-so-darling jammies poking out and bare feet (he chooses to wear jammies under his clothes...yes, I'm that kind of mom)
Gavin looks a little, I'm not that kind of mom
Emme is thrashing, trying to get out of the death grip of her big brother
Jos, well, Jos actually looks cute in this picture, except whatever he's doing with his hands...what is he doing with his hands?

We've lost pajama boy and this is a much better picture...look! Emme is even smiling for it!
Everyone in their Christmas pajamas (these are now the reigning under-the-pants jammies)

One last picture. Santa brought Emmeline a new doll. She adores it. She reaches for it when she's tired and when she's getting up from sleeping; she kisses it.
She {loves} it.

I hope you're not too pictured out...

Merry Christmas!!
Thank you, everyone, for making it a fabulous one!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

What a Waste of $$

This is a little rant today...please don't read if you want a charming, picture-laden post. It is simply a whine...

I hate spending money on Not Fun Things. Let's see- tampons, toilet paper, underwear for my beasties, undershirts for the beasties, socks for the beasties (unless they are fabulously stripped or argyle), diapers, wet wipes, soap, food unless it is really yummo, electric bills, okay- bills in general, batteries, toilet parts...

I love spending money on Fun Things. Purses, shoes, clothes for myself, clothes for the beasette, clothes for the beasties, even clothes for Kit, yummo treats, hair accessories, ties, earrings, makeup, things to cute-up-my-house, gifts for people...ahhh, just thinking of all the Fun out there just waiting to be bought makes anyone smile...

Until you look at your account and realize you've already spent your money on Not Fun Things!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Since my last post got such a response (thank you for your advice and prayers), I thought I would update you. I wrote a note to Gav's teacher asking for her observations and her thoughts on what was going on. I have been in his class a few times and he does well. He has friends and adores his teacher; she is FABULOUS-which you will agree, too, if you read on. Anyway, I went to pick him up from school and she met me to talk with me. She said she noticed he looks down in the morning when he first gets there, but that once he's there he warms up, loves learning and is a darling boy to be around. She said she had him come talk to her, just one-on-one, and asked about his feelings of school. No big surprise-he likes school, but he would rather be at home with Mom and Gunner and Emme. He wishes he could just stay home and learn everything there. She asked him what his favorite part of school was (writing). She said they then came up with a game plan to make things better. She assigned him a daily job that only he can do. He is the Journal Cleaner-upper. (He was proud when he told me and had to describe how he wipes her writing off of the chart) Also, every day he and Mrs. Blake will have one-on-one writing time where he can practice sounding out words and writing them. (There is an in-class aide, so this is possible). I am so thankful for his teacher. She noticed his feelings, didn't brush them aside and has gone out of her way to make things better.

He still asked if it was Friday, still asked if it was his half-day and still made me count on the calendars to see when they would happen, but he didn't cling to my hand and there was no quivering lips (whew! I don't know how much more my heart could take-and if you don't know already, I'm not the too-soft-heart type. One might say I lean [probably not in a good way] too much to the other side--I have been called heartless by my oldest more times than I count).

Thanks again for your listening ear, shoulder to lean on and definitely great advice!

Monday, January 10, 2011

My heart hurts...

I could use a little advice here...

Gavin attends pre-K everyday. His day is long, from on the bus at 9 to off the bus at 4:20. His teachers are darling, he is learning a lot and enjoys school just fine when he's there. The problem is getting him there. I would have thought things would be easier by now, but they are not. He doesn't fight it (like he did for a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving) but it seems almost worse to me. Every day he asks how many days until his half day (our school district gets a part day on Wednesdays) and then how many days until the weekend. The other problem here is that he doesn't enjoy the weekend. He spends the entire Friday night-Sunday night counting down, in dread, how many days until he goes back to school. Nothing to my knowledge has happened. I know he hasn't gotten in trouble. In fact his teachers adore him. He has friends and he says nothing has happened. He just doesn't want to go....Sigh....He tries to be brave waiting to get on the bus, but if you know Gav, this about breaks your heart. He just squeezes my hands tightly and tries to keep the tears back and the quiver out of his voice. Taking him to school didn't help either. It just prolonged the stress of leaving me and there were more tears while he was at school instead of just a little on the bus. Part of me thinks maybe he just isn't ready for school, but I can't keep him out. He is already 5 and needs to start kindergarten next year. It is also a full day program (they don't have half day around here). He is ready to learn and does and Gavin needs the structure from school. I have tried to teach him things as I did Jos (who didn't go to preschool or pre-K), but he doesn't like to learn with me or I don't know the right way to teach him.

If you have any suggestions or have dealt with this yourself, I'd be more than receptive. Thanks! Sorry for being a sob-story, but it hurts me....

Friday, January 7, 2011

Shenandoah Mountains

At the beginning of December, our family were able to go on a little vacation to the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains. I won a 4 day stay at the Massanutten Resort (you know the kind where you're required to listen for a few hours as they tempt you into purchasing a time share the cost of a new car). Despite being crammed in a little condo, we had a blast. One thing is for sure, we will be going back to visit the mountains again. Next time probably in a tiny tent camping, but it is "when", not "if".
Oooh, who is that darling boy? What, you can't see who it is from all of the layers? Yes, it was COLD. Not just cold, but teens cold. And, we were foolish enough to go hiking in that crazy weather. Our warm Mobile blood was freezing inside our shaking limbs!!!
Kit's coat and Emme add a little bulk to me (please just assume it is a lot of bulk added on!) Poor guy was making do with LOTS of layers so I could be'd think I'd own a coat, but it is now on my list of "to get".

Not only were the views spectacular, but they threw wildlife in for free! We saw deer galore and a bobcat scamper across the road!
Jos and Gav absolutely loved the hiking. I will have to admit it was a lot of fun. Emme, all snuggled warm under the coat and lots of layers thought so, too. Gun on the other hand...let's just say he craved a cup of warm hot chocolate and his cozy blankie.
The ice was incredible!
Hiking to one of the many waterfalls. Gun, Em and I had headed back to the car by now.

We splurged and ate out one of the nights at a rib place. Yummo!
Pardon the lovely hat hair
The area is full of awesome caverns. Simply breathtaking!
We even found a Who along the way and decided to keep him.

It was fun to get away for some fab family time. We can't wait to go back. Maybe we'll share it with others (hint, hint--we'd love visitors!!)