Thursday, June 12, 2008

You Say Good-bye...I Say Hello...Hello, Hello!

Josiah summed it up when he woke up very early Tuesday morning with a smile, then started to cry. "Mom, my heart feels like this (he smiled) when I think of going home to see Daddy, but I feel like this (he frowned with tears) when I think about leaving everyone else! My heart was oh-so-excited to see my sweetie; a month is a long time to be away. I missed him a lot-and it didn't help when he made 2nd class and I missed seeing him being pinned. I know he enjoyed bachin' it a couple of weeks, but then missed me and the boys dearly. But leaving my family, well-my heart hurts. Being in Oklahoma was so fun! I LOVE spending time with family and I got to spend time with both the Applegates and my own fam. Both Steph and Whit are living in Stillwater while their hubbies are attending OSU. Can you say get-together! We were together more than we were apart, which is saying a lot when you consider Steph has 3 kids, I have 3 kids and Whit has 2 and 1 on the way. Thankfully we had my wonderful mother (#1 friend and child-keeper) keeping us company and aiding with herding our children. My father-in-law once said he figured keeping track of my boys was like trying to herd cats...I have to say I COMPLETELY agree...and we had 8 to herd!

I'll just give you the high-lights:

Mack graduated high-school and I got to spend time with my peppy Grandma Blanchard (Grandma B to the kiddies). She was so fun. She is spiritual and has a lot of wisdom, but she still gets down on the floor and plays with my boys and taught them a couple of nursery rhymes. I definitely want to be like her when I grow up!! We got to help celebrate Mother's Day and we were able to party with my father-in-law, Georgia and Greyson's birthdays. We went to the zoo, Leonardo's children's museum and Burger King play-land (more times than I'd like to remember due to it's allergy safety factor for Whit's kiddies). My mom-in-law took Jos and Gav for a couple of afternoons-I know she did it to spend one-on-one time with them, but it was a fun break for me. I was able to go get my hair done and shop for myself (which was an absolute blast without kids) and I simply had fun. The boys fought, teased and had a fabulous time with their cousins. They clambered all over the new play-set my dad and men in the family put together for them. Gavin overcame his fear of horses and was never far from Dad or Mack when they went out to feed. We all had a wonderful time camping out in the great outdoors--out back at my mom's. We ate, laughed and shouted at our beasties was wonderful. I'm thankful our Heavenly Father put me in the family he did. There isn't a better family, other than yours, I'm sure!

It is nice to be home, though. I enjoy kissing my husband, sleeping in my own bed and having my boys in their own rooms. We're excited for our next trip too. We'll be heading north to Ohio and Indiana to spend time with the Applegates for a couple of weeks. Ellee is getting baptized and I haven't even seen my beautiful nephew, Michael, yet! We'll let our bums rest, then we're off next week!!!


Ann said...

Welcome back! We missed your smiling face.

Ann B.

Sandy said...

Wow. Off for another vacation so soon. Sounds fun!

Andrea said...

Liberty you and the boys have been greatly missed by your ward family. We are glad you are back. I love Josiah's description of him feeling happy to see dad and sad to leave the rest of the family. It was so touching.
I'm glad you had a wonderful visit with your family. My family is not as close (really, not close at all), but it has always been something that I have yearned for. I hope that my girls will be close like you and your sisters and want to come "home" once they have left our nest.
Your trip sounded great, and we'll miss ya'll again when your gone in a few weeks. I'm jealous...I want to go somewhere. LOL. Again, glad you're back!

Jill said...

Hey, we live in ohio! If you need a place to stay - let me know! We live in Dayton. :o)

Haylee Munk Brown said...

WOW! Sounds like such an adventure with all of those kids!! I remember when I was younger going a great roadtrips like that with out cousins! I don't know how are moms did. My mom and her four daughters and my aunt with her four daughters all road tripping together in ONE car! Ha ha. these days people would freak out that everyone didn't have their own seatbelt! I hope you have fun on your next roadtrip! Thanks for finding me!!

the Hurst's said...

hey sorry I missed you like the whole time you were in Oklahoma...bummer. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself though. I did find myself missing your witty, honest, all to familiar (in regards to kid shenanigans) posts. Have fun traveling again!!!
you are so brave.

Steph said...

I am so happy to see your post, and yet it makes me sad...'cause that means you are really home in Alabama and I won't be seeing your cute, smiling face. *Sigh*
I am so glad that you made it home safe and sound and get to celebrate Kit's fantastic advancement (yay, yay!!) and just settle for a bit.
I must say, as one of the sisters and mother to three of the hoolagins referred too, that we truly had a blast together. It was wonderful being together and time that truly, truly cherished.

whitney said...

Sorry about all the Burger King:P

I had forgotten Gavin was so scared of horses, last visit-he absolutely LOVED them this time! It was so fun to have you out here and I miss you already! Give your adorable (albeit sometimes Gollum and troll-looking-but in a cute way!;) little boys big kisses and hugs from their Auntie Whit!

Jeff, Jenny and Pearl said...

Liberty I'm so glad you are back!!! I can't imagine being away from Jeff for a month. I miss him after just a week. Glad to hear you got time to play with the girls and hang out with just yourself. I can't believe your little brother is old enough to graduate from HS. I remember him as a little boy!

Mack Daddy said...

oh libby i love you soo much i hate not wakeing up and not being able to look to me left and see your smileing face or being abruply awaken because two verry skinny feet were jumping on me i love you and cant wate for you to come and visit for my ferwell!!!!