Monday, September 22, 2008


It seems I often write about how crazy Gavin is...he is, but Josiah can be quite the silly little boy himself. He wanted me to post a couple pictures of him on this blog and he wants to share a song he learned in school with our family and friends. He sure makes me laugh. The other day he was so tired and didn't want to get up to get ready for school. He rolled over, hid his head and told me he wished he was a badger. I asked why and he said, "Remember, they are nocturnal...I wouldn't have to get up until nighttime!" I laughed, but had to sigh when he woke bright and early Saturday morning to watch cartoons. He is such a bright and curious boy. He is always asking questions and trying to figure things out. He has such an amazing memory and remembers almost everything I say (darn it!) and things we read. With his bright eyes and infectious smile, Josiah is a blessing to our family.

Josiah wearing his "Hat" - he came bounding out with nighttime underwear on his head, receiving the laughs he wanted (note his bony little legs in his baggy boxer briefs...the site always cracks me up!)

Josiah studiously working on his kindergarten homework

Josiah singing the "Meanies" song



Jill said...

It's funny how most kids love putting their underwear on their head...cute song! I've never heard of the "meanies" before, but Anna refers to not nice people as "meaners". ;o)

Nate and Julie said...

What a cutie! Have you ever seen Master of Disguise? Josiah's hat reminded me of that show.

Lively Luckinbills said...

He sings so well!! Did you do any sort of at home preschool with him? His face is so animated and full of life. So far, I have avoided the underwear on the head...knock on wood!

Steph said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your post!!! It was just what was needed. I miss your little ones so much and seeing the title of this post made me smile before I even read a word of it. I love the pictures...knees and all. :) The "Meanies" song was adorable. I loved how he "prepped" us on each verse. My personal favorite was the "kin-can car". I listened closely and I am pretty sure that's what he said (super-cute), but you can ask him to sing that verse for you to double check. ;)
I'll have to shoe the boys this post...they LOVE pictures of your family and a vidio is watched over and over again. (they need their Applegate fixes just like I do ;)

the Hurst's said...

oh gosh, i love that video. my tummy hurts.
a revelation, i'm a meany (minus the drinking of bathwater)...i tend to kept gum in my mouth long past the "spit and dispose" stage.
he is a cute bear.

whitney said...

Ahhh, loved the post! Ezra was uber-excited to see Jos. He keeps telling me, "I was to see Josiah on the pa-cuter again." Jos is just so old, I can't even believe it!

Mitchell Gang said...

It looks as if Jos has not changed a bit. I sure do miss his wonderful smile. Please give him a kiss and hug from me. When are you coming up our way. I want to see you!!!

Andrea said...

Josiah is so CUTE and he is VERY smart--the whole nocturnal thing cracks me up. When I subbed for his class we sang this song, and I also realized that he is so anxious to learn new things. He is a special boy indeed.