Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Gavin Reed turned 3 years old yesterday. I was waxing nostalgic with Kit and I thought I would share with you.

Kit, Jos and I were stationed in Port Huron, Michigan when we decided to have baby number 2. We prayed about it and felt it was the right time and low and behold...fertile Myrtle performed (Kit was only home 3 days in the month of January and we still managed)! Things went well and I had a fairly easy pregnancy. Kit received his orders to A-school (a training school for 8 weeks) and needed to report to Yorktown, Virginia October 15th. I was due October 18th, so we decided to move me home to my parents in Oklahoma in September and possibly ask my new doctor in Stillwater if he would be willing to induce me so Kit could be there for the delivery. After a frenzy of getting the house packed up and cleaned (sans Kit) so we could leave, Kit took us home. After a short visit, Kit returned to his cutter now in dry-dock in Wisconsin. My doctor agreed to induce me one week early since I was already slightly dilated and 75% effaced at my 36 week appointment. Hooray! We booked Kit's flight for the 9th and the induction was to be early on the 10th. Well, as plans have a way of going awry, a cold front moved in the night of October 5th. I woke up to sharp cramps 5:30 am. I waited it out, thinking I couldn't really be in labor, but went to tell my mom when they were 7 min apart at 7:30. I went back upstairs to shower and get ready for the day. At 9 they were 5 min apart and I called the doctor. He told me to come on in to the hospital. So, in between contractions my mom, Steph and I got Jos ready to go, packed my bags and headed out. I was still in denial, but agreed to call Kit and let him know I was heading to the hospital. I'll never forget his stunned question, "Can't you stop it? Maybe wait for me?" Haaahaa! Yeah, I'll just cross my legs until you can fly in! Silly man. When I got to the hospital, I was still afraid they would send me home and when the nurse warned me just that, I thought for sure I was being silly. Nope (thankfully!) I was already at 5.5 cm and effaced. I asked politely for the epidural and was told the anesthesiologist was in surgery, but he would come up as soon as he could. Okay, I could wait it out. My nurse was fabulous, helping me into other positions to labor and things were great until I needed to push...what, without my drugs! Yep, without my consent (just like now) Gavin decided to do whatever he wanted. Out he came! The cutest little Troll-baby ever! He had a reddish-blond fuzz and the most disgruntled expression. Everything was said and done by 12:30 in the afternoon. I was so thankful for the way Kit's captain put him on the first flight home to me. It was wonderful he was able to get there late that night.

Gavin has been our fabulous super-hero from the start. He was walking at 9 months and didn't stop there. Leaping off of tables, couches, beds, fences...you name it, Gav has climbed and soared off of it. He has the greatest imagination ever. He IS everything from a baby rhino to Batman. We love our little man and are so glad Heavenly Father sent warrior #2 into our family.

Birthday Dinner at the Boiling Pot

Gavin (looking funny, sorry) with his big ol' plate of crawfish tails (when asked what he wanted for birthday dinner he said "crawfish" don't we have a little southerner!)

Spiderman Cake (his choice, of course)

Aunt Ashlee's fab gift

Surrounded by all his loot


Sandy said...

That is an awesome story. I love the pictures.

Jeff, Jenny and Pearl said...

What a great story! My gosh I would have died if I had to go without my epidural - you are amazing!!! How do you do this with a hubby who is always off somewhere? Again you are amazing! Love the fireman's outfit, what a great gift.

whitney said...

Ahhh, I so remember that. As you were due only 10 days before me, I was *extremely* jealous you got to have your baby that early :P As for the pics-love them all. That IS quite the pile of crawfishies in front of Gavin...did he actually eat many of them? Love the fireman's outfit-such a fabulous gift!

Jill said...

Crawfish? Wow - it looks so tasty! I can see why he chose it! Happy Birthday Gavin!

Mere said...

How did I miss that Gavin looks so different from Jos and Gunner? I guess I just haven't seen up close pictures before, but he has a different look than his brothers. Looks like a great birthday, but crawfish? Ick!

BTW, Lib - you look great! I swear, you get better looking every time you post pictures of yourself!

Andrea said...

Happy B-day Gavin! He really is adorable. I remember when you moved here, he was still a baby and I thought, "WoW, he is such a cute baby".
I loved reading about his birth. I could so hear Kit saying, "Can't you stop it, maybe wait for me". Too funny.

Grammy said...

Oh, what would our lives be without Gavin!!! We are so blessed to have him in our family! He is such a great little guy and we all love him so much! Yeah Gavin!

coty said...

So cute and getting so BIG!!! it all goes by so quickly huh? I love his fireman get-up, fantastic!

Ashlee said...

Gav - You look great in your uniform! I'm glad you are having fun! - Love you Aunt Ashlee