Thursday, October 29, 2009


**I'm not feeling witty, or Whitty, so I will let the pictures do most of the talking in this post (keep your sighs of relief to yourselves!)

We started our Halloween celebrations a bit early this year. With Kit being out of town (he's been gone for 3 weeks for training in VA) I thought to give us a head start and enjoy the season...(okay, so the real reason was mostly to have things spaced out so we have something to look forward to and to save me stress)

We started by carving jack-o-lanterns for FHE last week. A bit early, I know-my boys go outside every day to check and see if they are "decaying" but, I couldn't wait! I LOVE carving pumpkins. It is one of my favorite Halloween traditions. The tension relieved by ripping out something's innards, maybe. Whatever the reason, I {HEART} pumpkin carving. I don't actually carve things myself. I leave that up to whoever the best carver is. I have too many memories of ruined creations...eyelashes falling out, ears coming off, teeth getting knocked out...(not me, my favored pumpkin) just ask my family, it was ruinous to the occasion. So to save myself the heartache, I have retired my personal knife and I am now self-proclaimed Queen Innards Remover. Since Kit was gone, the carver was my brother, Mack. The boys drew out their ideas and Uncle Mack made them happen.

You will notice how Josiah and Gunnison look a little "special" in the next couple of photos...

Mack, the carver, relishing in the use of his big knife

I love how cute my boys look with their pleased expressions {{hugs}}

We had our annual ward Chili cook-off and Trunk-or-Treat this year. I love ANY event where they will feed me chili! Yummo!! So, I was inspired to put together costumes sooner than the day before the big H. Despite the distance between us, Kit made a major contribution to Halloween this year in the form of figuring out what Gunner and I should be. We knew Gavin was going to be a leprechaun for Halloween back in the summer (his decision) and when we were in OK helping Steph pack for her move we came across this little linen suit of Grey's and knew it was perfect. Add his mischievous grin and red hair (which is hiding under the hat) it was a perfect fit. I didn't have to do much with his costume other than stencil "GOLD" on his pot and put it together. Josiah's was another matter. He has been quite excited about what he wanted to be for a LONG time, but-what to be?? That has been the question plaguing us for awhile. From Darth Vader to a porcupine to a door (yes, a door...per Jos-"They can be quite dangerous you know. One minute you'll be walking along minding your own business and Boom! you walk right into one! It happens to me all the time." ) We finally agreed on the eyeball and without too much difficulty got it put together. Gunnison was "God's gift to Women". He wore his bow and a gift tag. His smile was infectious and I thought he pulled it off well. ;) I was a Pumpkin Thief. A couple of "huh?"s, but most people got my husband's sense of humor. It made me smile, so it was worth the funny looks!

**I apologize for the next pictures. Mack's camera was struggling, too. I'd better get mine fixed before the upcoming holidays!**

The boys and their "Prince Charming" Uncle Mack

Me...and my stolen pumpkin

You can't see the belly too well 'cause I'm wearing oh-so-slimming black and the camouflage of a child, so this next one embarrasses me plenty...all because I love you!!!

( I totally pull off the Fertility Goddess look here, especially if you could see my nicely rounded thighs!)


Mere said...

My kids must hate me for my lack of Halloween creativity. Those costumes are great!

Tonight we'll carve our pumpkins. Didn't want them to rot out sooner. I've always been the innards person because my brothers used to gag at the smell. ;)

And oh my, I know you don't want to hear this, but you are huge for almost 23 weeks! I'm not even the one that's pregnant and I'm dreading the next 17 weeks for you!

whitney said...

Thank youso much for posting halloween pictures! You were very funny, by the way. Then again, it's not all that hard with the occasional Jos quote.

yay! for a real-live belly shot! You look fab, you fertility goddess, you ;)

The costumes turned out SO GREAT! You're just so creative, it kills me! Gav makes the best darn leprechaun ever! Do you think it's possible we could convince him to wear it again on St. Patrick's day? We'll have to promise him that Auntie Whit will send him some special green candy ;)

As for the pumpkin carving, they all turned out so cute! It's funny but pumpkin carving is my very least favorite part of the holiday. I've never been all that great at the carving part and pumpkin innards are gross. they get all semi-dried and stick to your skin *shudder*

Love you loads and I miss your boys so much my heart hurts!

Ashlee said...

Hey Lib - those are great customes! My mom told me that Jos was going to be an eye. I couldn't imagine how you were going to pull that off, but it is so creative. Gav and Gun look adorable. Oh, the jack-o-lanterns are great too! Tell Mack good job.

You look so cute. I love the pumpkin thief shirt. Did you have that made?

We carved our pumpkins last night. I will get pictures up soon. Michael really likes this Halloween business. I think he will love treat or treating. We will see how is goes tonight!

Love ya,

Lively Luckinbills said...

Love the costumes and the creativity. I might have to steal your idea. I thought about strapping on all the girls' baby dolls and going as the "Octomom", but I don't want to carry all that around. We will see. I love the belly!! (Your belly, that is;)

Sandy said...

You look fantastic. I think you are a beautiful pregnant woman. I see that you picked a name for the baby. I love it. I love the name Lili.

You are such a good mom doing all those Halloween activities.

Steph said...

Yippe, wahoo, horray...any more words to tell you how excited I was too see your new post?!? :) I loved this post (as I do all of them ;) You are extremely witty...even when you don't try!! It just comes naturally, I think!
K-I'll start at the top... Oh! Hilarious pictures of your boys!! I loved thier pics...made me laugh. :) They did such a fantastic job carving their pumpkins!! I love seeing them. Mack looks all to pleased to be the "carver". It was fun seeing him, though. I sure love that crazy guy.
The kids are stinking ADORABLE!! You did such an awesome job!! I'll just call you "Martha" for short. K- can I tell you how fantastic you look in your costume!! You are a beautiful theif!! Tell Kit I think his idea is perfect. You are one hot momma. And, Mack looks oh-so dapper in his costume, as well. I hope you all had a fabulous time at your chilli cook-off and trunk-or-treat!!
Alright--now for you belly pic!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You are beautiful and perfect!! I am always so jealous how you show and are so beautiful and pregnant!! You should be proud of your beautiful pregnant body!! You look perfect and I am so glad you posted a pic, beacause you are oh-so cute!! You are pulling off your Fertility Goddess title like a super-star!! :) I love and miss you all like crazy!! Give your family a big, tight hug from me (please!!!)!!

Steph said...

Sooo, I look like an idiot w/ all of my mispelled words... Eeek. Ella was fighting me for the computer, so I didn't re-read it and I was typing quick. Sorry!!

Grammy said...

I love Halloween!! I love this blog, love the pictures, love the jack-o-lanterns, love the costumes, pretty much love it all!! I love your baby belly! Can't wait to meet her!! I love my little boys, they are just about the cutest things ever. I love you, Lib. You look beautiful!

whitney said...

Ahhh, Grammy/Jan said "her". I swear to you now, my heart skipped a beat. :)

Mere said...

Okay, looking back, I probably shouldn't have called you huge! I meant that in the nicest way possible (is there even a nice way to call someone huge?) I'm so embarrassed!

Alabama Apples said...

Mere, no worries! I do feel huge, but the funny thing is I've been wondering if I am actually smaller than I was with my boys, but I think I'm still about the same. I know some women are only about this big when they deliver, but no such luck with me. The good thing is people can tell I'm preggo early. The bad thing is I will have strangers ask me if I'm ready (seeing how they think I'm about to deliver) and I have to tell them no, I'm only (not quite) 6 months. Then I get the gamut of it must be twins and my babies must be gigantic. Not so. Oh well. But, don't worry. Your comment made me laugh, not cry! ;)

Anonymous said...

Mack would naturally look like "Prince Charming" if he's wearing what appears to be my "Black Gothic Aristocrat Silk Dandy Shirt." Just an observational note. Though I love the post dear. Be sure to punch Mack for me.