Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blogging Stumped!

Or should I say blogging slump? Blehh! I hate when I can't think of anything to blog is not that NOTHING is happening, just nothing noteworthy. Well, a lot of what I blog about isn't worthy, but you know what I mean. I thought I'd just share a few random things, if only to get something new up on my page.

We recently acquired another member to our household...Jean-Luc. He is a charming Elf, straight from the Cajun Elf-on-the-Shelf Academy. Where, I have been told by Josiah, he learned how to NOT move at all, not even to blink. He appeared in our house leaving a book for my sons to find. Josiah knew exactly who he was, since he has a special elf in his classroom, Jingles, and he heard about Demetri, his cousins' Russian elf. Gavin had a smidgen of doubt that poor Jean-Luc was real, he even poked him a few times with a piece of paper (not his finger in case he was real and would take away his magic) to prove he was just a doll, but Josiah claimed his fortitude was acquired with the training he has received. I was even so silly as to mention I thought Jean-Luc winked at me...Josiah promptly responded "Mom, he's not allowed to wink! Sometimes it is easy to imagine things, isn't it." My children have all been won over and look with anticipation each morning to see where our silly elf is hiding to watch our family.

Another fun addition to our house has been a darling nativity set my dad sent us. Crazy to think, but I didn't have a nativity set until he was so thoughtful and set me one. I never bought one out of the dollar store in avoidance of wings, etc and at least the ones I saw were kinda bleh. As a new tradition we have added a few pieces each night and discussed who they are and what part they have in the Christmas Story. My boys have been so cute in their anticipation and have reminded me to add the pieces each time. I love to see the Spirit of Christmas in their eyes and hear them speak about the real reason for this fabulous holiday time.

We are getting ready to go home to Oklahoma for Christmas. We haven't spent it with the Holyoak clan since Gavin was born, whew! four years ago! It will be a production, but oh-so-fun, with my sisters' and their families there and Mack, too. We will be missing my brother, Jesse, but we will definitely be thinking about him in Japan. So far away, often too far away!!!

Life just seems to be making its way...slowly at times and too quickly at others. I'm feeling large and bulky one day, then claiming I'm not nearly as big as I was with Gunner others. My boys make us smile and laugh, then pull our hair. Life carries on in its crazy, fabulous way.


Miriam said...

Thanks for your thoughtful, positive comments!

I love to hear about your "Elf on a Shelf"! I've seen the book and been debating! That's so cute that Josiah knew about it from class...that makes it extra fun! Where did you find the book? Y

our blog "style" and background is darling!

Jeff, Jenny and Pearl said...

Do tell more about your Christmas traditions with your kids. I've never heard of the Elf on the Shelf thing before.... elaborate! Poor Pearl thinks Jesus is just a baby, the angel is a doctor, and the wisemen are Princes as in a Princess belongs with them. What fun ideas!

whitney said...

Thank heavens for your post, it's like water in a desert, I swear to you now!

So, I love Jos's comment about your winking. Ha-lar-ious (like the phonetic spelling?;). Ezra thinks it's the coolest thing that y'all have your own elf over there (of course we had to tell him about Demetri's cajun buddy). Ezra informed me the other day that he touched Demetri once, "but just a little bit, not enough to take the magic away." Unlike Scarlett, of course, who yanked him off the shelf multiple's a good thing she's just a baby (as I explained to him) and doesn't count as far as the magic is concerned.

I love your idea about adding the different characters to the nativity after discussing them. I might have to steal that idea. The kids have just barely started to notice our little nativity in the first place. I vote you take a picture of it so I can see it!

I can't even wait to see you! We're down to only a little more than a week! That's INSANE! yay! yay! yay!

Steph said...

YAY!! I'm so glad you posted! Whatever you post IS noteworthy in my book. :)
I lu-uved hearing about your little cajun elf friend. I have been aching to get one in my home...maybe next year...sigh. Oh well. Jos reacts how I picture my kids would react...yep, in my dreams. They would probably push and pull and poke the elf to "teach me" (because mothers are oh-so in need of teaching at times) that the elf was a doll. I've never had a nativity either...well, if you count the Fisher Price one I have... I would love one, as well. I hope to have a Willow Tree one soon. My kids would probably challenge me at every turn for that as well, while Cooper "explains" everything to Greyson while he screams that we are all "bratty-heads". Ahhh, Christmas at the Humphrey's...I'm sure y'all can't wait. ;)