Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dreams...and Preparing

Other than my husband, sister Stephanie and nephew any of you have crazy dreams? I don't and don't even remember any of my dreams when I wake up. When I'm pregnant, though...well, that's a different story. Seriously, I have the goriest, funniest and weirdest dreams when there's a bun in the oven. AND they are so realistic feeling and vivid-it's like dreaming in HD! With each of my children I've dreamed about their delivery (many times). With Josiah, I dreamed I gave birth to an orangutan and everyone kept saying he was so beautiful and no one could understand how I didn't find him the most beautiful baby ever! With Gavin, I had dreams of giving birth without knowing I did. He would just slip out and there he was! Gunner, well, sometimes he was all grown up when I delivered him; other times he came too early, but was perfectly healthy...just the size of a walnut and I would carry him around in my pocket. Weird, I know...

I haven't had any dreams of the delivery with this little girl...until last night. In this dream, I went into labor at home, delayed going to the hospital too long, and delivered my own baby in the bathroom (very little pain and gore was involved- if only that part could be true). The big surprise was the little girl wasn't...she was a little boy! I wasn't sad about that, until the realization hit that I gave away my boy stuff and have been spending time and money collecting girl things. Oh no! He was beautiful, though, with tons of dark hair (obviously a fictitious dream), but he also had a club foot and a couple of other problems. I woke up with the overwhelming desire to go to the bathroom (no surprise there) and had to feel my basketball belly to assure myself it really was just a dream. Quite the scare.

With our ultrasound, the tech was VERY sure it was a girl, and believe me, it was quite a different view than it was with my other three. BUT- you hear of it happening. All this excitement and hype and instead of pink, out comes blue!! Despite the shock, I know we'd love a little boy as much as we would this little girl. I'm just hoping the shock doesn't happen!

In speaking of all things pink, I've been a little stressed lately. Anxiety has seem to set in. I'm not positive if it is because I'm having a girl (something I am NOT well versed in), because I am having #4 and it will be my last, or because I simply understand what having another baby in the house means. To combat this anxiety, I've been trying to do fun preparations. My sweet sisters are letting me borrow some of their baby girl things so I've been washing and putting the clothes away, darling friends threw me a shower (can I just say it was belly-shaking fun!!!) and I have been trying to be a little crafty and attempt to make little girl things.

Over Christmas, my sisters put me onto "princess socks". These are plain little crew socks all dolled up with beads. So easy and so cute!

(The following picture are not of my is still on the fritz)

(Picture courtesy of Marlo's Crochet Corner)

I've also tried my hand at making some felt flower clips to put on a headband for little girl. Kit is of the opinion they are WAY too large (maybe her head would tip to the side just a little).

Maybe I'll have to try some of a different variety...

(Picture courtesy of Rookie Moms)

I want to try some of these fabric flowers, so cute!!!

Are there any other fun crafts out there I can attempt without too much skill? The craft bug (nesting instinct?-although I'm not too inspired to deep clean my house) has set in!


Jill said...

Tyler had a dream when I was pregnant with Anna. He dreamt that I gave birth to a shrimp with a penis. Crazy pregnancy dreams! Let's hope your girl comes as planned!

Kara and Theo said...

I have 3 girls and I'm not nearly as dedicated to this much craft as you are! You need to teach me how to do these things! I always feel like I am letting my girls down by not tapping into their girlie princess side, some days I'm lucky if I just brush their hair. I love the big felt bow idea. There is nothing cuter in my opinion than an oversized bow on a little baby head. We should have a craft day and us ladies with girls should sit around and make bows! =)

whitney said...

Man, I so wish I could be out there to do the singed satin flowers with you! Those have been on my to-craft list forever! I'm not tons of help with more girl craftiness...once you figure out her room a little bit more, we can figure something out (like mod podging/painting an E or something).

As for dreams...preggo dreams are the craziest. I would ALWAYS dream my girls were boys and would get all panicked about my lack of boy preparation. Don't worry, she's still a girl ;)

Dirk and Trish said...

I have the strangest dreams, pg or not. Although last night was basically x-men type teens breaking out of juvie. A bit weird.
Love all the crafty ideas! I've been a mega slacker in crafting lately. Nesting is already starting to kick in and I'm anxious to get something done.

Steph said...

What?! I can't share my crazy dreams?!! ;) I remember one I had with Cooper where he came out a Jewish man with a roman nose, black beard and hair...and he even had the cap. Wierd. Then with Ella I remember my belly was translusant and I could see her. She decided it was time for her to be born although, she would be super-duper early. So she did. She was perfectly healthy and I wanted her to stay out, but I insisted it was too early and put(?) her back in ...some way, I don't exactly remember how. I'm a nut case, that's for sure. ;)
Anyway, like I talked to you about I wish that we could pow wow and make those fabulous girlie things together *sigh*. I'll be on the look-out for fun, fab things that can take your mind off of your stressers. Love you!!

Haylee Munk Brown said...

Oh, I always have crazy dreams now too! I had the dream that i had the little one in the bathroom as well, he was still a boy though. You are going to have so much fun with you little girl, and her brothers are going to be so protective of her! I will probably need your help in the boy area though!!

To answer your question on my blog the other day, I was put on bedrest because i was having too many pre labor contractions since Christmas, but the doc says at 36 weeks i can do whatever, so not that much longer!!!! :)

Annie said...

I have weird dreams all the time. The last one was a nightmare - I saw Owen get hit by a car... most of my dreams I don't like to remember. I also do weird things in my sleep, like hit Alex or search for kids that fell off the bed, or whatver... I must be really anxious about things.

So... how do you know that this is your last? Do you just have that feeling? I've wondered if you would just know when your family felt complete.

I love the non-pink bows by the the red flowers. To be honest, I'm not sure about the socks though... :)