Monday, April 19, 2010


I really don't have anything fabulous, cute or funny to post about. Life is simply carrying on it lovely and not-so-lovely self. Emmeline is 10 lbs., and oh so happy while she's held; Josiah has another loose tooth so he's snaggly-looking (he refuses to let anyone pull them, blehh!). Gavin is rambunctious, climbing everything, attempting to do mid-air flips while running ( we've made sure he understands he CANNOT practice this!!!) and making unusual facial expressions. Gunnison is now in the potty-training stage *SIGH* (an extremely loud, heartfelt sigh). He is doing well, considering we are starting on week 2 of the process. I dread this time, always, but it is here and once we start, we don't go back.

We had a fun spring break, but just spent it around the house. We went to the beach, attempted with spring cleaning, played at the park, picnicked and played UNO about a zillion times. Kit, the lucky one, took the big boys to a matinee of How to Train your Dragon. All in all, a fun enough break.

I can't wait until we see family--counting down!!

Okay, I'll stop with the boring report . I'll update with something fun, exciting or entertaining next time!



Good luck on the potty-training, and good for you for not going back once you start. We will be starting next week with Kadence. Just wait till Emmeline is ready, she will really be WAY easier to train, promise.

Gavin sounds a lot like my Dylan! The best thing that ever happened to Dylan was when my brother, Chris, bought my kids a trampoline with a net and then a few months ago when I enrolled him in gymnastics.

I DREAD when my kids start loosing teeth. Good luck!

whitney said...

ahh, I can just picture your little beasties! Gavin all crazy-faced, bobble-necked, doing scary gymnastics all over the place...Jos with his snaggle-tooth and eye brows highly arched, trying his darndest to look innocent...and of course mister Gunner running around being all defiant, ghostly, and bare-bottomed. *wistful sigh*

As for the beastette...I can't even wait to love on her! Give her massive extra squeezes from Auntie Whit.

I sure hope Gun's potty-training goes smoothly. I bless you with an Ezra...and pray you don't get a Georgia :P

Keep me updated on everyone! (and I'm sure you will...or else heaven knows I'll stalk you)

Lively Luckinbills said...

I just wanted to let you know that we received a precious package in te mail a few weeks ago. I haven't had much time to write thank you notes yet, but I didn't want you to wonder if it got here. I LOVE it!!! In fact, Holland wore one of the outfits today! My mom was very impressed with how you wrapped the box. She was amazed that it arrived in such good shape with all the cute flowers on it. was very sweet of you to think of us and take the time to send a gift. THANK YOU!!!

We are working on potty training Cara too. She is so stubborn and makes the biggest messes when I am nursing Holland and other inconvenient times. Good luck with Gunner!

Steph said...

Oooo, thank you for the update!! Yay, yay for a whopping 10!! Woot, woot...she's soon enough going to be able to hold her own with her big brothers! :) As far as Jos' loose tooth I would try to tell Cooper I was just "looking" at the tooth and then yank it out. I h.a.t.e. them half hanging there...yuck! Cooper would look around after I was done, grab his mouth, act all outraged for 1/2 a sec. until he realized it didn't hurt and then be happy it was out. Worked for me... Ahhh, I can picture your little moneky/gymnist/super-hero Gavin up to all his hilarious naughtiness. Here's to no broken arms...right? I am still laughing about Whit's comment of Gunner. Hilarious...and so true. I hope that the potty business keeps getting better and better. If I can get my act together I'll send him a little potty present for being such a big boy!!
K- So, I am a TOTAL l.o.s.e.r!! I love, loved your last post of Emme and ooooed and awwwed over her and never wrote a comment. Shame, shame on me. She is absolutely adorable! I loved the pictures so much. She is so beautiful. I can't wait to scoop her up and give her kissed and hugs. She is so precious. I love you all!!