Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Baptism Day

Oh, my sweet boy. It is so crazy for me to think you have reached the grand ol' age of 8. Ancient, wise and oh-so-strong of an age in your mind. To me, it is just a blink past the moment I first held you in my arms. You were a scrawny, fuzzy little red-headed Yertle the Turtle. Now, you are still scrawny and fuzzy, but so much bigger. It is definitely much harder to cradle you in my arms now.

Your baby blessing spoke of your curiosity of the world and your quick, questioning mind. Nearly every day I think of those phrases when I think of you. I love that you have such a fast-paced mind. You puzzle things out and wonder over so many things. I especially love the desire to learn more about our Savior. I will never forget the night you came down (waaay too long past your bedtime) to double check with me about a scripture you were looking up to "read what the prophets said in their own words about the birth of Christ".

I appreciate how different you are from me. You, my son, are a born leader. Too often I am reminding you not to be the parent. But-I rely on you to help me with your brothers and sister often. Your love for them is so apparent to anyone who meets you. You are so quick to help them up and cheer them up. All your little "treasures" you bring home from school makes their eyes shine. Thank you for being such a wonderful brother. Thank you for being a wonderful son.

I am truly so pleased with you and your decision to get baptized. You have always wanted to, but wasn't sure in your mind if the Church was true or not. You wanted to believe, but just wasn't sure. My heart burns when I think of your fervent prayer. Sweet, honest, pure Josiah-ness coming through in the words you spoke to our Heavenly Father. The answer was so strong, your dad and I could feel the knowledge you received simply by being in the same room as you. I was so proud that night. The Lord let me feel, see with my heart, a glimpse of the great warrior you are. The great warrior you are growing into. I thank our Father for allowing me to be your mother. I only pray I will be able to be all of the mother you need to see you through the trials that will come. I know you will succeed in becoming the man our Heavenly Father sees you to be. I love, love, love you.

Your Mom

Again, thank you to all of our family who made it this far east to attend Josiah's baptism. We are so blessed to have such a loving family.


Steph said...

I am so glad that I checked my blog...and you wrote! Yay! Your sweet letter to Jos was so precious...something I am sure he will cherish. He is such a sweet, wonderful, inquisitive boy. I surely have a special place in my heart for Jos. It was such a blessing to be able to attend his baptism. Send him my loves, please. are one smokin hot little momma. ;) Love the pics. :)

The DeVito's said...

What a lovely letter. I'm so jealous of people that can put what is in their heart on paper (or type it) I've never been good at it.

Jill said...

What a special experience. :D

whitney said...

What a very strong, inquisitive, special boy Josiah is, indeed! I'm so lucky to be his Auntie! I'm also so, so glad he made such a righteous decision in being baptized. We're so proud of you, Jos!

Lovely letter, Lib. The pictures are so great; I agree w/Steph, you're lookin' fab!

Jenny said...

You are so sweet Liberty. That's exactly why your kids are so wonderful and strong. What a wonderful blessing you are to your kids. And one hot mamma if I might add too!

Andrea said...

Josiah is such a sweet and smart boy. We sure do miss him. It really is great to be 8! Happy Birthday to him, and I love the sweet message that you wrote just for him, Liberty. So sweet.

Anna said...

Thank you for posting two beautiful blog entries. It is a nice reminder that families (immediate and extended) are what life is all about!

Congratulations to Josiah for making such a monumental decision to be baptized. What a memorable and important milestone for him and your family.