Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stop the Presses for New Photos!

So I know this is two new blog entries today, but I simply had to. When I was uploading the photos for Gunner's entry, I came across these pictures-obvious due to Josiah's stealth use. As you can tell, he had a side-kick in crime...Gavin. Little stinkers should not be touching my camera!!! They made me laugh, but don't tell them that!!

Josiah, the budding photographer

"I'll smile for you, Siah"

"A little mischief? Sure. Aww, Mom'll never know!"

"We musn't forget the close-up of this amazing McDonald toy!"


The DeVito's said...

Your boys are so cute! It's amazing how fast they can get into everything!

whitney said...

I love it!!! Not only were they getting into naughtiness, but they captured it on film! That's fabulous!

Steph said...

Oh my heavens, I laughed so hard and had to call Phillip over and showed him your blog immediately. It's kinds like when you peek around the corner and find your boys doing something totally naughty-but not destructive. You have to sit there and laugh to yourself for just a bit, and then make your presence known and stop them. It was so funny to see them and your commentary says just what you know they are thinking. I love it.

Grammy said...

What darling little Grandsons! I especially like the close up of Josiah's nose, such a good angle! My mother would have called them little imps! And so they are!