Friday, February 15, 2008

Day of Love

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday. Kit got me a new cell phone (hooray!!) since mine turns itself off, runs completely out of battery after 30 min. and I've had a run of yucky phones. We got new Sony Ericssons...they are amazing! It is an mp3 player, can play movies, is a podometer...ahhhh, wonderful. We got them for a great price and with the rebates we get them for free! Lovely!! Mine is so cute-it's pink! Kit and I like to get the boys a little gift, too and we got Josiah a digital watch. He is so funny-he's been wearing Kit's old (and broken) one around for a couple of weeks, so we got him one of his own. He has been wearing it non-stop and is quite cautious of water, bumps, etc. in his attempt to protect it. We got Gavin a Gone Fishing game, you know, with the fish that open and close their mouths and you fish w/fishing poles...we wanted a game Jos and Gav could play together...without the help of mom and dad. It was totally fab! They played together, nicely, all day yesterday. Ahhhh! Kit, my romantic husband, also put together a gift bag for me (with the help of my sister and mom). It was a get fit bag-we have been working out together. I was excited! I sure love my husband!! I gave Kit the Michael Buble cd and a desk calendar filled with things I love about him. He is worth my praise and love!!

We then had the missionaries over for dinner. They are both from Hawaii and so amazing. They might not be scriptorians, but the spirit is so strong with them. We fed them an "Eskimo Joes" meal of our version of Fowl Things, cheese fries, Kit's delicious baked beans, green salad and Red Hot Punch. We had a trifle for dessert (way yummy w/red velvet cake). Of course dinner was an experience with my boys...ugh. Josiah kept playing with Elder Tovo (the zone leader) and Gavin kept crawling under the table and switching between my lap and the lap of Elder Reese. The Elders were great, though. They love my boys, thankfully! Then, the best part, the Elders shared their message with us. Elder Tovo plays the ukelele and both of them have AMAZINGLY beautiful voices. They read a scripture out of John about love and how the love of our Heavenly Father and Savior is the purest love. Elder Tovo played his ukelele softly in the background then they sang an arrangement (by E.Tovo) of "Oh My Father". It was so beautiful and the spirit was so strong. For a brief moment, our kiddies calmed down and Jos whispered to me, "If our spirits were near Heavenly Father now, I know they would run to him for hugs." Isn't that the truth! The Elders testified of the love our Father has for us. They thanked us for having them in our home and giving them a taste of their homes (as crazy as ours-surrounded by young cousins,etc.). It was such a beautiful meaning given to us on Valentine's Day.

I know V. Day is a completely commercialized holiday, but I am thankful for a day dedicated to all varieties of love-love of a parent to a child, the love of lovers and the love of our Heavenly Father for His children.


whitney said...

That all sounds like so much fun! Yay for the get-fit bag-what a wonderful idea. Kudos to Kit! As for the Elders coming for dinner, what a great time ya'll had. Jos's comment is so neat. What a sweet little spirit he has. I sure love your boys loads and miss them so much. Pass on hugs and kisses from Auntie (and Ezra and Georgia 'cause she likes to suck Gunner's face)!

Ashlee said...

Lib - What a fun day! I love Valentine's. It is wonderful to have a day dedicated to showing our love to all of our loved ones. I loved Jos's comment. You and Kit are teaching them so well! The Elders sound wonderful. How fun to have them give their message through music. Oh, your dinner sounded amazing as well!

Grammy said...

Oh Lib, all to soon you will know how a mother's heart feels when her son is being a good husband and father. I can tell you it feels pretty good. He is so much like his father! Aren't we lucky! We love you both so much. Ashlee is right, your are doing a great job with your little boys!!

PS. I love V-day too!

Steph said...

Whar a neat experience you were able to have on Val Day's becuase you opened your home to the missionaries. I am way impressed with your meal, by the way...I need Kit to come and be my, scratch that, I'd get way too fat.
How fun for your family to recieve gifts for V day. I usually do someting, but I was starting to feel crummy and didn't get out to do it, sigh. I even asked the boys what they wanted...little did I know what was about to arrive on our doorstep...bronchitis and a case of the near pnumonia...ick.
Anyway, I am glad that you were able to recieve such nice things.
Kudos to you for having such wonderful, always full of energy, sweet, sweet little boys. I love you all!!!

the Hurst's said...

hey lib, the nursery theme is 'sweet potatoe breeze' found at target it's very neutral and will look almost exactly like the example nursey ( the room is right of our kitchen and is an in home office as well as a nusery so jared and I wanted to keep it clean and functional. YIPPEE!! By the way...I love your 'Love post' so beautiful...and you are such a wonderful person, ya know that???

Mere said...

We got that same fishing game for Brooke and Ethan for Christmas, and it makes Brooke so frustrated because she's can't get the fish with her fishing pole. We hid the game for now so we don't have to hear her cry. ;) You guys sound like you had a great V-Day. We're duds around here compared to you.