Monday, November 2, 2009

Thankful for November

I love the Fall Holiday Season. First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then on to winter and Christmas. I love it all. Despite the opinion of certain family members (Kit and Mack), even though I listen to Christmas music and relish in the gift procuring before Thanksgiving, I do appreciate and love Thanksgiving. The spirit of gratitude is strong in my heart and I am thankful that despite our crazy, materialistic world, as Americans we still celebrate a holiday where we are truly thankful for the blessings we have.


Steph said...

Well said!! I too am grateful for the season and all that comes with it (even though I am highly anticipating the Christmas season). I am also grateful for this blog!! :)

whitney said...

Me too! Me too! I love Thanksgiving and all that it represents. It's so nice to have a holiday to celebrate family, good food, and really, truly remember how blessed we are.

The lemon meringue pie doesn't hurt things either ;)

ps-thanks for the pandora tip :)

Grammy said...

When we lived in Africa, I attended a Christian Bible study group. There were ladies from every where who attended with us, probably about 20 or so. One woman who had been born in England but had become an American citzen a few years before told me how grateful she was to be an American and how much she loved Thanksgiving. She said (with tears in her eyes) in all the world, only in the United States do we set aside a special season to express our gratitude to our Lord. I too, am so grateful for my many blessings. Thanksgiving is Mike's favorite holiday, that in its self makes it special to me!!

Andrea said...

I love this season too, Liberty, and I love Thanksgiving because it really is a holiday that was established as a day set aside to give thanks to Heavenly Father!