Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gav Turned 5

Yes, Gavin had his birthday a while ago, but life seems so crazy around here...and yep, that would be my excuse.

Gavin is now officially 5. He has been working towards getting a year older...well, for a year. He is ALWAYS looking ahead and trying to be as old as Josiah. I think he is finally realizing he won't ever catch up. He is our "all rough and tumble" boy. From 9 months he was walking and he hasn't slowed down since. We love you, Gav!!

Surrounded by gifts. Huh, not quite the happy face I was expecting from someone about to tear into wrapping. I think he was spacing out.
In his requested skateboard gear and his new wheels
Gav requested we go to Red Robin for his birthday dinner. He wanted to have the "Tower of Onion Rings!". Which I found a little comical in that he only really likes the breading on the outside. No problem, Kit and I love onion rings!
He was so excited when the waitresses and crew came and sang to him. They brought not just one sundae, but 3-one for each of our 3 boys. Nice move!! Note Gav's head gear. He received this birthday crown from him teacher and wore it all. day. long.
His cake of choice was a box of cupcakes with white and dye-your mouth black frosting. He wanted the cool transformer rings artistically placed on top of each.
We let him go outside and practice some cool moves after cake and ice cream. We love the boards from Target-you can get starter ones with tighter bearings so they don't roll away from you quite as much.
Gav making a "fierce" face.

I will take the time to brag a bit about Gavin here. He was chosen from his class (with another little girl) to be the Citizen of the Month. With being the first of the year, they didn't have a character trait chosen to be exemplified, but chose children who came into the school year already above and beyond in good citizenship behavior (sharing, listening, honesty, etc.). I was so proud of Gavin. He can be a bit of a stinker at home and I was slightly worried about how he would take to going to school, especially all day. He has loved it and according to Mrs. Blake, his teacher, they love having him.

Nice hair, dude. I do send him to school with cuter do's than this. I believe he has played much already.

We love you Gavin!! You are one blurred movement most of the time, but when you slow down, we get to experience your sweet heart in motion. Thank you for being our favorite red-headed 5 year old boy!


Grammy said...

Oh Gavie, you make my heart sing! Your Grammy loves you so much!! Thanks for the fantastic blog, Lib. Can't wait to see you all!!

whitney said...

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, GAV!!! Ahhh, I love you so darn much and hope your birthday was at least half as cool as you are!

Loved the post! Gav is getting so big! He looks so grown up in his skater gear. I love that the waitress brought three sundaes, that's so thoughtful. I gotta say that tower of onion rings is totally making my mouth water. I don't think my stomach will rest until I have some in my hot little hands...

Steph said...

Yay!! Happy birthday, Gavie!! I love you so much!! Horray for making it to 5!!
I can't believe how big he is!! I do believe that Grey and Gav have the same skateboard. Maybe Grey was placed in my family by accident and was supposed to be an Applegate...hmmm, or maybe I'll just have to snatch Gav up for myself and let him be Grey's full-time skating buddy. ;)
Yay for awesome parenting!! You guys are doing great. Look at your little Citizen!! Yay for Gavin. He is such a good boy...all your boys are. That doesn't happen by accident. Hmmm, is that a hand-me-down from Coop that Gav is wearing?? Just curious. He looks adorable in it. If it is I'm glad, 'cause he looks so darn cute. Give Gavin a big hug and kiss from his Auntie, please. I miss him so much.

Andrea said...

This is so sweet, Liberty. Happy birthday Gavin and congrats on being the good citizen...Way to GO! I can't believe he is already 5! WOW! Time has gone by quick, or so it seems. :) He is such a cutie, and I love his skateboard. Very cool!