Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Hauntings

We celebrated Halloween well this year. We tried a basic version of the "13 days of Halloween", munching on ghastly dinners and snacks. It was fun for me to get into the feel of the holiday. In addition to fun meals, Kit and I thought we'd try out a local pumpkin patch. After a mishap of wrong times printed in a flyer for my children's schools, an hour drive, sad kids and the resulting McDonald's dinner, I ended up taking the kids myself another day while Kit was on duty. The end result was so fun. I only wish we had been able to stay longer (we rushed back for the boys' primary program practice).

Gunnison loved the chicks and ducklings.

The corn maze. The boys had a blast. Gunner was worried a couple of times, but Josiah, our navigator, made sure we all made it out alright in the end.

There was something about the giant ones that attracted Gunner He was determined to choose the largest one there to bring home.
The only picture I took of Emmeline. She was trapped in the sling the entire time. She doesn't seem too worse the wear, however.
Our family pumpkin carving. Josiah was completely grossed out scraping out the guts.

My sexy husband...he's going for the "psycho" look...yea, I can see it...
We attended 2 parties this year. The Coast Guard base party and the Trunk-or-Treat for our ward. The CG party was a bit of a bust, but at least we got a couple of pictures. the Trunk-or-Treat was a blast, but of course I forgot the camera completely. Blehhh.

Our 3 Little Ninjas. Ready for action...well, all except Gunner there. He looks a little bit unprepared if someone came to battle.
Little Miss Emme...may I present my first pink Halloween costume! I was so excited to dress someone in something girly! Ahhh, it felt wonderful!! She's our little flower fairy.
Kit, dressed as the OSU fan, holding our little pink. He thought she was adorable, and was just a little bit irked she didn't win the costume contest. "A plush Frankenstein costume won, a plush Frankenstein!" He did, however, think it would have been even cuter if she had been a little girl ninja, too.
The ninjas trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. They had a blast!

Whew! Quite a bit of pictures to get through. If you made it, hoorah! In case you didn't notice, I did another post before this one of Gavin's birthday.


Grammy said...

I absolutely love this blog. They are the cutest little things! Loved all the parties and the pumpkin patch. Great pictures!! Thank you!

whitney said...

yay! yay! yaaaaayyy!!! for an update! I love all your little ninjas, their costumes turned out great! Poor little confused Ninja Gunner, he makes me laugh. You can tell Jos I don't like the pumpkin guts either. yuck! yay! for a pink Emme! She just looks so darn Pinkalicious, my girls would be proud ;)


So much FUN! I love, love the picture of Josiah in front on the green wall and Emmeline in her car seat with her cute pink bow!

Such a great idea to have 3 ninjas!

Steph said...

HORRAY!!! Can I even tell you how excited I was to see you'd posted?!! I nearly busted.
All of the pictures were fantastic. I loved the green walled Jos pic, too btw. Your boys are getting so big!! I can't believe how big Gun looks. My goodness. I loved your sweet pictures of Emme. I miss that little thing! Oooo, I loved their outfits!! They looked so great as fitting! Emme looked sooo adorable. I can't wait to squeeze that little miss. She was beautiful...just like her momma. You looked so beautiful in your picutre. Your hair is short!! I love it. :) Miss you all. Oh, btw, we thought about dressing Grey up as a crazed OSU fan...thought it was fitting that Kit was an OSU fan, as well. ;)

Charee B Mcclellan said...

OH MY HECK.......SO FUN!!!!! So first off...I just have to add how BEAUTIFUL and HOT and GORGEOUS and everything else in the book meaning look in that picture. It made me sad and miss you though. I just love you!!! There is just not enough pictures of you on this hear blog, you get on that..OK?! Your kids all looks SOO cute and YES what a great and FUN change it must have been to get a GIRLY costume. LOVED IT! Looks like you guys have oober loads of fun. LOVE YA

Andrea said...

I loved all the pictures! I miss y'all soooo much! Our primary program won't be the same w/o your little kiddos! I love the ninjas and I'm with kit your little flower fairy should have definitely won the cutest contest. Definitely! She is adorable and I must say you look absolutely FABULOUS Liberty. Oh, and the pumpkins are so cute! Looks like life in Virginia is treating your family well. :)

Jenny said...

How would it be to go trick or treating in weather that does not include snow!?

I've really got to do some searching and find a pumpkin patch... they sound like so much fun.

Coty said...

It looks like it was a great time, all of it; love me some halloween!
You look smashing in that pic too by the way, you holyoak girls have the cutest little faces.

Your kids costumes rock! Every little girl should be a fairy of some sort shouldn't they? So fun!