Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's My Party and I Can Cry if I Want To!

I believe I have used that title before...yep, here, with a little red someone...

At this party, it was our little beastette.
I don't know what it is about birthdays in this house that seem to bring on the tears.
Thankfully, the entire day was not composed of tears. Emmeline decided a morning nap was not in order (with a little decision-making assistance from noisy brothers). Our plans were to picnic at the park, but the wind was blowing a little too fiercely for us...I know, we've turned soft since we've been away from gusty OK. So, we opted for lunch at Bojangles, home of the YUMMO french fries. Mmmm-mmm...just typing this makes my mouth salivate for their seasoned fries. We all agree they are fabulous, right down to Emmeline.

See my dainty daughter shoving, not just an entire fry, but her fist in as well?
The wind died down a bit, just a few blowzy gusts instead of the knock-me-over-if-you-are-the-size-of-Jos, Gavin, Gunner-wind, so we headed to the park to play. Emmeline loves being outside.

Emme wants all to admire her tongue.

An unsuspecting picture. Love it!!!
After spending time on the playground, we picked up Lloyd and hiked around a couple of trails at the park. Josiah and Gavin decided to emulate Lewis and Clark and took off, determined to hike all the way to California. Kit and Lloyd went to go find them, leaving Gunner, Emme and me in their dust. We had a long, detailed discussion of what would happen if we had to stay there...forever. Gunnison decided he would be King of the Squirrels. Graciously he told me Emme could be the queen. Me? I still had to be the mommy...forever picking up nuts, I guess.After an outfit change (due to a less than pleasant-smelling happenstance) and torrential tears (where the 1st picture is from {mean, mean, Daddy! snapping pics instead of giving loves}) we sang Happy Birthday and Emmeline got to dig into her purple cupcake. (Incidently, do not think yellow cake batter will dye purple...you end up with a color I term "Brain-matter")

Admire the tongue!

Yep, the whole fist-into-mouth, again

Wait! You get to admire her tongue, yet again!

This is her new "cheesy" face

On to the gift opening! Emme had an over-abundance of help with opening her gifts. Gavin was extra polite about it, though. He'd lean over close and ask, "Do you want help, Emme? You want help? Oh. Ok, I'll help you!"

Despite the tears, the Big Number 1 was fun. Thank you for the darling gifts and love! Regardless the miles between us, you all know how to show your love. We truly appreciate all you do for our family.

If my heart gave an extra thump or two throughout the day and my eyes leaked, just a little, when I kissed her good-night, I simply reminded myself it isn't every day my littlest turns one. Funny how quickly they grow. It seems that with every birthday my babies have, I have a lot of joy and a little bit of growing pains.


Coty said...

Oh mercy me, she is SUCH a cutie! Happy Birthday little Miss Emmeline!
Also, I dig your fabulously red sofa... Dig dig!
AND, I ache with growing pains too; sneaky, time is, leaves me bruised in it's wake!

Jenny said...

I love, love, love the purple cupcake and frosting everywhere! In a few months I'll be going through the same emotions with Cole turning one. Her tongue is so funny! And look at all the fun girly toys you get to play with now! Bring on the tea parties and dolls!

Anna said...

Happy birthday to your sweet little angel, Emme. I know that she brings joy into your home and hearts. What a doll!

Jill said...

How did she get to be ONE YEAR OLD?!?!? That's impossible, isn't it? Happy Birthday Emme!

Jill said...

Oh, next time use a white cake mix and some grape jello mix. That works pretty well. :D

Sydnee said...

Oh, she is the cutest little thing! My arms ache, I want to hold her so bad and smother her with kisses What a doll baby! I have a lump in my throat when I think she is a year old already! Thanks for this darling post, they always make my day!!

Sydnee said...

The post above is really Grammy, not Auntie Sydnee

Charee B Mcclellan said...

OH MY WORD>....has it really been a year??? that is nuts!! SHE IS JUST DARLING! I LOVE LOVE LOVE HER FACE! You of course look HOT as ever also! LOVE pics of you too! post more!! haa haa

Ashlee said...

What a darling post! Sorry her present was late. I paid extra for shipping, but didn't factor in the 3 days it took after I ordered it before it was shipped! Love you all!

Aubrey said...

Ah she's so beautiful and getting so big. I especially love her tongue, it's a very cute tongue. Happy birthday little Emme.

whitney said...

Who would've ever thought that you could have such a girly-looking little Miss who still manages to fit right in with the rest of the Applegate beasts? Not me! She's just so darn adorable I can't even believe it. I might be more then a bit biased, but it's still true :)

Happy (belated) Birthday, Miss Emmeline!!! You're just the cutest darn thing ever! I want to squeeze your cheeks and cover you in kisses.

I just finished your (very late) birthday present and can't even wait too see it's adorable pinkaliciousness in your hands :)

Sandy said...

I can't believe she is one already. I forget how fast that first year goes. She is so adorable.

Olivia eats fries like Emmeline. Whole and stuffs them into her mouth like they are going out of style.