Thursday, March 31, 2011


Because I love how my littlest boy uses his entire face to smile
Because I love the confidence of my oldest, even wearing his goofy "100 Day" hat
Because I absolutely adored Emmeline's BIG bows
Because I am sad she will not leave the bows on...and we have had to move on to little clips
Because there is never a set of pictures I download to the computer without me looking fabulous (thanks dear)
Because I was crazy and tried my hand at making a spring wreath
Because his excited grin was just so cute
Because I am thankful for friends that help make Cub Scouts a good experience
Because even though it only came in 11th, it was the coolest car there
(you know, the orange one with the big black OSU)
Because we are so thankful for an auntie who sends such fabulous jammies...seriously grateful, it has given such joy to the wearer and laughter to the see-ers

Because I have at least posted...whew...the longer I wait in-between, the harder it gets!


Steph said...

Hooray, hooray, hooray--you posted!! I was so happy to see you at the top of my blogger list ('cause there was a new post there!)!! I loved the pictures!! Gun, Gun does have the sweetest smile! I loved Jos' hat..very bright, creative and fun! Sweet Emme is such a doll!! She is truly beautiful in her big bows...and small clips (can't wait to see her *squeal*!!). Poor Lib, I would kick Kit in the shin for repeatedly taking odd pictures of me...hint, hint. ;) btw, that picture still showed off how cute you are, even if you didn't love it. :) Your wreath turned out be-ut-i-ful!!! Love, love, love it!! I bet it is perfect against your black door!! See! You should give yourself more credit!! Jos' car is awesome!! When I show the boys Jos' car they are seriously going to love it. I can see a pattern in the making for my little red-head. :) Ahhh, thanks for the pic of Gavie in the jammies. He is so darn cute I want to scoop him up and take him home w/me. He looks adorable...and can I say a bit like a leprechaun standing there like that?? I did however, laugh-out-loud seeing the differences in how our kids fill out the jammies. :) Thanks for the smiles. :)

Lively Luckinbills said...

That last picture cracks me up! How cute is he. Cara has the same green shirt as Emme, who is so cute no matter what is in her hair. For having a hard time posting, you sure are creative. I love seeing your life in pictures!!

Jill said...

Love your new SPRING THEME on your blog - so happy and positive, just like you! If your hubby isn't snappy fabulous pictures of your fabulous self, ask one of your children to do it - they don't mind taking several shots, either. :D

Jill said...


whitney said...

Ooo...where to begin?! First off, this is possibly one of my favorite posts ever! I just love it so! Here comes the novel...

Gavin's jammies made me laugh out loud. I agree w/Steph, he's definitely putting of the mischievous leprechaun vibe.

yay! yay! for a smokin' OSU car! Very Applegate-like ;)

LOVE the wreath! It's so darn fabulous and I'm so darn jealous! I just want to have one of my very own! And you call yourself non-creative and crafty :P Let me didn't even follow a tutorial, you brat.

I know you hate that picture and I can understand why in all your un-made-up glory...but I really like it. It just looks like you and it shows off your beautiful eyes.

yay! for little clips and big bows! No matter what's in her hair, she looks so all girl! She's just beautiful!

Jos is nothing if he isn't confidence personified. That boy can carry a crowd like a grown professional.

Ahhh, I love Gun and his little full-face grins. I just want to squeeze and give him big kisses!

Kit said...

In my defense, she will not let me take pictures so i take them anyway. so my children can see, when they are older what their mother looked like when they were growing up.:P

Kara and Theo said...

What a great picture to end with!! LOL!!

holyoak said...

Such a great little family. What joy you all bring to Granddad's heart. So darn cute, every one, and each so unique, like a beautiful bouquet of rare flowers!

Aubrey said...

I love your beautiful family. Yay for pictures and updates.

Anna said...

Silly PJs, a beloved car, enormous bows, one crazy hat, a gorgeous wreath, beautiful mom, four darling children: Thanks for the wonderful post. Look for the simple joys in life. They are ever-fleeting and make the memories that last a lifetime.

Andrea said...

I love reading your post, and I totally know what you mean when you write "the longer I wait in-between, the harder it gets". I keep saying that I am going to blog again, and just haven't gotten the inspiration to do so, yet when I did, I loved it. I'm glad you have not stopped because I LOVE seeing how the Applegate family is doing! Ya'll are awesome and I LOVE all the pictures of you. Please tell Josiah that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his pinewood derby car and wish he were here so that Ariel could race her car with his! :) Miss ya'll! Hope you had an awesome bday!