Thursday, September 13, 2012


Tonight YW's was a personal progress activity.  We reviewed scriptures on knowledge, wisdom and how they apply to temporal living and our spirituality.  It got me thinking...I love information.  I adore knowing and learning, but I don't always take the effort to seek out ways to learn.  My favorite venue of learning is at someone's proverbial knee-my father's, father-in-law's, bishop's, or college professors'-I want them to shed their light, knowledge, down to me.  I love someone teaching me.  I have begun to appreciate and seek out learning via books.  I have always adored fictional literature, but seeing how I can't quite make it back (*yet*I will make it back, when the timing is right) into a classroom setting, I have also learned to enjoy and appreciate all the information to be had from non-fiction books.  I have gleaned knowledge regarding everything from gardening to autism, cholera to Marie Antoinette.  In reading the scriptures regarding seeking out the best books, learning, I understand.  Do I think my love for fiction is wrong?  No.  But, I have found I can truly expand my mind and use it for purposes other than entertainment when I read.

Another point I appreciated from the scriptures was the difference between wisdom and knowledge.  I person can be a scriptorian, but unless they practice the faith and precepts found in the scriptures, they are not truly wise in the scriptures.  It got me I wise in the knowledge/info I teach my children?  You know, practice what I preach, etc.  If I want them to internalize and see the wisdom of the teachings of the gospel, I need to work with them practicing the meaning and intent of the gospel.  Knowledge is information; wisdom is knowing how and when to apply the information to our lives.

Definitely something for me to think on...


whitney said...

Hmm...good thoughts. Heaven knows I devour a good book, but I could probably raise the caliber a few notches for sure.

Not to mention practicing what I preach...slow to anger and all that ;)

Thanks for your thoughts!

Love you!

holyoak said...

One other thought. When it comes to learning and teaching we can either act or be acted upon. Elder Bednar teaches that in order to really learn we must act in order for the Spirit to act upon us. So, the act of pondering opens the door. Calling on students to think with an open ended question and giving them time to think causes them to act, so that they can learn through the Spirit. It is true. Think of the interaction between Nephi and the Holy Spirit. He asked Nephi to look and then asked him what he saw. Nephi was asked to act. Father teaches that concept in asking Adam, where he is and what has he done. The Father knew already, but he invited Adam to act and thereby preparing them to learn. Just some random thought for you to ponder... (act upon...) Use with your YW instruction... Love you!

whitney said...

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