Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Loads of Laughs

My life isn't always grey...I don't want people to get the wrong impression.  While life is crazy (who's isn't!) it can be so funny, too.  One thing my children aren't is boring.  They keep us hopping and laughing.

Sitting in the car waiting on Gavin in jujitsu
Me: Gunner, go sit in your seat.
Gunnison: Hunter.
Me: Hunter what?
Gunnison: No. I'm Hunter.
Me: No, your name is Gunnison.  Daddy and I named you Gunnison Michael.
Gunnison: But Hunter is a better name. (sigh) You should have named me Hunter (shaking head sadly).

Emme loves flowers.  She runs to the flower beds out front and will plop down in the middle.  Sometimes (gasp) she will even pick them.  This is a little bit of a see, the flower bed is Gunner's property.  It is our Zombie Protection Garden.  Gunner has named each flower as an equivalent plant from Plants vs. Zombies.  One day he came barging into the house. "Mom!!  Come get Emme, NOW!  She has been picking our sunflowers!  Do you want to not have enough sun?!!"

Last night was a bit of a battle getting little miss to bed.  She fell asleep on the drive back from jujitsu, so she was wide awake at 10:00 at night.  At about 10:30 I was sitting with her in her room; she was kicking her bed angrily.  She stopped, sat up, and called out, "Dora, help!!  Throw me a rope, Dora! Ayuda me, ayuda me!! ("help me" in spanish) Throw me a rope!"

Our beasties are so clever they can be so funny if we just take a step back from the moment and look.  It might not seem funny in their tantrum, but hilarious if you listen to what they say, how they prove their arguments.  I love my beasties so much and I am thankful for the laughter they bring to our home.


Ashlee said...

Love it!! They are so funny! Last night, Michael was using all of his reasoning powers to find excuses to get out of bed. They were pretty funny! I could see the look of satisfaction on his face when they worked and he wasn't in touble. He knew just how far to push it before he would get in trouble. Plus he was being super sweet, so I shamefully let him get a way with it!! :)

whitney said...

Oh, how I adore your children.

You'll have to send Gunner...I mean *Hunter* way. I fear that my garden is not very zombie-proof at all :P

Poor little Em...Dora just wasn't there to throw her a rope :P

Jill said...

These are hilarious! Thank you for sharing them and giving me a good laugh today. Ayudame! Ayudame! Ha ha ha!

Kara and Theo said...

LOL! Love the Dora reference!! That is hilarious!

Grammy said...

Great stories! Keep them coming! Oh how I Love these little kids (:

Grammy said...

Great stories! Keep them coming! Oh how I Love these little kids (:

Aubrey said...

Lillian insists she's Dora. I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not - as long as she doesn't start shouting in my face we'll be good. Also, I hope you're doing better overall and I know what you're feeling and that you have lots of support through family, but if you ever need a reminder you're not alone just head on over to my place (blog, facebook, whatever...).

Coty said...

Loved this post. Hilarious. I loved your last post as well. I'm always blown away by your honesty, Liberty; it's raw and beautiful. I really like when people aren't afraid to share the up's and down's along the journey. Thanks for sharing.