Thursday, January 10, 2008

The No Good, Very Bad Day

Yesterday was seriously a rotten day! I woke up around seven and it went downhill from there. My purse was stolen back in May and after a few attempts to withdraw money and an ill-gotten pizza I thought we were done with the thievery. Not so. On Christmas Eve I noticed an automatic withdrawal I didn't recognize on my account statement from AT&T. Not too alarmed, I called them and left a message. Another withdrawal appeared on the 26th, then again on the 28th. Getting more confused, I left a couple more messages. On Monday, still haven't received a call from them I called again and kept pushing zero until I got a person on the line. Come to find out, someone had given our bank account and routing number to them and were buying minutes for a "go" phone. I canceled that and had to call my bank to close our account and give us a new one, but was told it couldn't be done right away and would hopefully be completed by the end of the day or sometime in the next. Anyway, so yesterday I get online to see if our funds have been transferred to a new account and notice that the loser theives had struck again! After calling At&T and the bank it was late morning. I hurry to finish getting ready and get my brush tightly tangled in my wet hair. Don't ask me how I did it, but I did. And it hurt. And I had to rip out a bundle of hair to get it out. Ugggh! Then I bundle my kids in the car and head to the ghetto-where I go to school-to figure out what else I need to do to claim my Pell Grant for school. I get there and there is a line from here to Timbukto...seriously. The number they gave me was 203 and the number they called next was 39. No joke!! I sit there for an hour with a fussy Gunner, noisy Jos and Gavin who persists in running away down the hall from me (much to the amusement of those around me). I give up and herd my children back home to a dirty house-having left as quickly as I could. Blahh! Kit ends up working late, the boys are bouncing off of the walls, I can't access our money due to our new account (a day late!) without our new debit cards/checks (coming in the mail) and Gavin throws his dinner across the room...simply awful. Then Kit comes home to tell me he's had a bad day. When he got to the office in the morning it was all a-buzz about a search mission going on. A man threw his children-a 3 yr. old, a 2 yr. old and his little infant off of the Dauphin Island bridge to get back at his wife. And they couldn't find them. It makes me sick. It was seriously the low-point of the day. I get as much food as I can into the boys then get them ready to go with Kit to Young Men's so I can go to class. Then it is off to class I run. Finally getting home about 8:30 we get the boys in bed, I start to straighten the house and then fall into bed. It was a no good, very bad day!


Ashlee said...

What an awful day! I am so sorry to hear about your bank account. Has it all been resolved? Remember today is a new day and I hope it is better than yesterday. But that wouldn't be hard! :)

Love ya,

whitney said...

That's horrible! No wonder your day sucked so much! You poor thing w/the whole bank account mess. It's not like there's loads of extra money floating around just waiting to be stolen anyway.

That just makes me physically ill to think about that horrible, horrible man who threw his babies off the bridge. I just don't get stuff like that-they're just so little and helpless. Let a mill stone be wrapped around his neck.

That's so good that Kit's willing to take the boys to YM's w/him-I'm very impressed.

Mere said...

Ugh. That does sound like a completely awful day. ((hugs))

Steph said...

Oh, Lib. That day sounds just awful. I can hardly believe that it got even worse after you called me, but it did! I can't even think about those poor little babies. It makes me so sick. Whit is right, I don't even think a mill stone is enough of a punishment. And to think that is what Kit had to be thinking about all day. I can't imagine. I hope that today is a brighter day for you. I love you!!