Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sand, Oysters and New Years

Hi everyone! We are back from our week in the beach house. Mom and Dad Applegate and Kit's sister Sydnee and her husband, Dale, paid for a week in a beach house on Dauphin Island. It was fun to be in a house that accommodated all of us comfortably. We spent the days relaxing, tourist-ing Mobile and Pensacola, Florida and eating out (Applegate tradition!). The house had enough rooms for all of us and plenty of sand for the kiddies to play. Jos and Gav were in seventh heaven having playmates (their cousins Parker and Ellee) and spent a great amount of the time out on the beach. They loved it and toughed it out despite our chilly weather (it got to the 40s in day and teens one night Brrrr!). Both Parker and Ellee were enamored with little Gunner, who in turn loved the attention. He was spreading smiles every-which-way!

New Year's Eve we relaxed and feasted on a variety of snacks. We enjoyed eating Jan's jambalaya on New Year's Day, another long-standing Applegate tradition. Later in the week Kit prepared a lowland boil and delicious gumbo so our family could get a taste of the coastline south. He toiled over it all day and everyone chipped in to help. We ate out at our favorites: Lambert's (Home of Throwed Rolls) (I know it's Alabama'n speak, but throwed is what it is called) and McGuire's - a fabulous Irish pub with the most amazing burgers. Our family got to revel in fresh seafood and tasted the wonder of a shrimp po'boy. I was adventurous and tried an oyster. They're not bad when steamed and topped with yummy cheese. I still cringe when faced with a raw one; they look like a pile of slimy snot. Ewww!

Our in-laws got to experience their first Mardi Gras parade..."Give me your beads, please!" It started late and the baby next to us was thrown 5 stuffed animals while we only got one...but it was still fun. Our little family is slightly jaded since we've been to better parades, but it was fun to see the others experience it. It was made up of a lot of noise, moon pies and beads!

It was so fun to all spend time together, chatting, laughing, playing games ( I play a mean Old Maid) and of course eating! I will have to say, however, that even though we miss our family, it is nice to curl up in our own sand-free bed at night!

Parker giving Gunner loves

Sand Play

Parade Fun


whitney said...

How exciting to have cousins around to visit! I'm sure your boys were just loving it! It looks like you guys had so much fun! I can't wait to come visit you!!! I can't even tell you how much I miss ya'll! Ezra was talking about Cousin Gavin and Jos today, so I'm sure he'll be super-excited too!

Steph said...

Yay!! I love it when you post...and with pictures...you made my day! It sounds as if you had fun and ate lots of yummy food. Mmmm, Lamberts. The thought of their rolls makes my mouth water. Your boys look so cute. It looks like it was so much fun playing in the sand. I am glad they were able to go visit you and experience a lot of the South.

Mere said...

Your slimy snot comment made my mouth water. Mmmm! Sounds like a fun time!

Kathryn Andre said...

Hi Kit:

I am checking to see if I can leave a message on your blog...how wonderful to re-discover you and your wonderful family after all these years.

Kathryn Andre