Friday, September 4, 2009

Gunnison's Terrible 2

*warning: lots of pictures*

Actually Gunner isn't a too bad terrible two...we've been in it for awhile now (he started the "symptoms" around 18 months...all my beasties get beast-like around 18 months). His birthday was a lot of fun, probably more so for the older two boys. They could hardly contain themselves as they counted down all week.

We started out the festivities the night before with the kids helping me make a birthday banner to hang in the morning. It started out as a secret, but was soon unmasked and Gunner helped decorate his own sign. Everyone woke nice and early, but none too happy. Gavin and Gunnison are generally grouchy in the morning and Josiah was quite put out that his brother's birthday was not a good enough reason for staying home from school. But-off he went with the promise we wouldn't do anything "birthday-kind-of-fun" while he was gone at school. Gavin and I tried to be sneaky as we wrapped presents in my room, but Gunner didn't like being left out, so he got to help tie on the ribbons. We had a fun day, playing with play-dough and just relaxing.

Play-dough play

Gunner showing off his "animal"

Once Josiah and Kit were home we commenced with the Present Opening. Gunner was grouchy again and wanted to play with whatever he opened. He wouldn't let go of the shoes his Aunt Ashlee gave him or move on to the next present after the "Spidy-man" fruitsnacks. He did get excited with the super-hero cape we gave him and he sped around the house. He then got VERY excited when we told him we were going to eat at McDonald's and play on the playland. That is, unfortunately, his favorite meal (Josiah tried to convince him he wanted Mexican food -Jos's fav-but to no avail). He was so excited to eat there and play, so it was a lot of fun.

After returning home we broke out the itty-bitty birthday cake he and the boys chose. It was between a gigantic one that would have fed our family for a month or the itty-bitty one. I couldn't interest them in the mid-sized the teeny-tiny one it was. Gunner blew out the candles as soon as they were lit a couple of times, but he couldn't help but grin while we were all singing to him. We then ended the evening with Family Movie Night (Friday night tradition), Pete's Dragon. All the children were making Elliott sounds the next day...well, they still are.

It really was fun and I LOVE celebrating birthdays. It doesn't have to be big, as long as the birthday person knows how much we love them. I truly am blessed to have Gunnison in our family. Despite times of grouchiness, he is a sweet, fun loving little man. He makes all of us smile with his prancing and dancing and singing of "Yoda" and "Anakin Guy" (Star Wars songs by Weird Al...yes, those are his favorites...). His older brothers adore him and we know our little warrior is destined for great things. We love you Gunnison Michael!!!

Gunner hiding behind his play house with the fruitsnacks

Tearing into a gift
Gun admiring the shoes from Aunt Ashlee

Gunner modeling his new super-hero cape

Reading the book Aunt Sydnee sent
The boys opening Grammy's gift
Play Land!

Cake and Ice cream

Saturday morning play with the new train set


Ashlee said...

I love this post and all of the pictures!! Little Gunner is so cute! I can't believe how big he is. I'm glad he had such a fun day. I can't wait for Michael to get together with Gunner, Jos, and Gavin! He is going to have a blast with his cousins! Give everyone a hug and kiss from Aunt Ashlee! Love you all!

Sandy said...

I love when you post pictures of your kids. They are so lively. I have been terrible at posting on my blog but I am going to try to do it regularly now. Olivia has grown up so much over the summer.

That picture that I posted I was standing on a ledge that was like 15 inches tall.

holly said...

Hey Liberty, this is Holly Hickman. Okay so I'm not normally a blog-stocker, but I saw your name on the side of Adelyn's blog and thought, how many liberty's can she know, and I decided to check you out. Hope you don't mind. You have a super cute family. Congrats on baby #4. I know what you mean about loving being a mom but I'm not sure how many more I can handle either. It was fun looking through your blog. You look just as cute as ever.

Jeff, Jenny and Pearl said...

Ha! Pearl had more fun wrapping her own presents than actually playing with them. Whatever works, right? At least at this age you don't have to be too sneaky or fancy and can still have a good time, as evident with all the festivities at your house.

Coty said...

YAY and Happy Birthday to the sweet little man!
I hear you on the 18month woes...we've started early here. It's the pits on the days you are feeling yucky!
Keep on keepin' on!

He's sooo cute! and I love the look of fascination on his face at the sight of that race track, too cute!

whitney said...

Yay!!! I was so excited when you "warned" us that there would be lots of pictures. I could barely contain myself from jumping to the end to see them ;)
Happy birthday sweet Gunner!!! It looks like he had a great birthday...grumpiness and all. ;) I love birthdays because they really DO help us celebrate that person and how much they mean to us. (don't let the tardiness on Gunner's card and $ be a sign of how much I love him...) He is such a fun, sweet nephew and I can't imagine our family w/o him. I love you sweet Gunner!!!

Steph said...

Oops!! I saw that it was Whitty's profile and it's me, Steph!!

whitney said...

phew! It's a good think Steph clarified...I was a little confused there for a bit.

happy, happy birthday sweet gunner! Oh, goodness, I just love him so darn much. I want to hug him sooo hard and give him lots of gooey kisses! I'm glad that his b-day was fabulous...I promise his card and candy will be in the mail soon. I even took it down to steph's w/me...and still failed to send it. Make sure to give him loads of hugs and kisses for me!

Lively Luckinbills said...

Birthdays are fun! Loved the post and pictures.