Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby Talk

Thanks for all of your congrats and well wishes...and hopes for a girl. Kit was most distressed by those comments, he's sure you will upset the balance with all your wishes and might just jinx us...with a girl (quite the bad thing in his eyes).

We definitely were not "trying" for a girl (which a lot of random strangers ask me), though I would be very pleased if we were blessed with one. We both feel this will be our last (whew!!! a huge sigh of relief). I love being a mommy and I love my children, but I do not feel like I could be a mom of many children. In fact, we probably would have stopped at three if we did not feel like there was one more spirit waiting.

I already have a "bump". I start showing EARLY and with 3 previous baby bellies still there, this fourth is nice and large already. I don't believe I'll be showing pictures any too soon...maybe if Kit can catch one VERY flattering. I've been feeling pretty good lately, although still tired. I'm usually off to bed by nine...don't be surprised, of all my pregnancy symptoms, tiredness is always #1 and earlier I was falling asleep after sending the beasties off to bed at 7! I was more sick with this little one than I have been with the others, but still it isn't as bad as some women and it has recently passed. My basoomas are getting extremely large (sigh) it is probably due to the 15 lbs. I didn't lose from Gunner. Bleh! I will have to work very hard after this one 'cause I can't keep claiming baby weight forever...when is the cut off date for that sort of thing?

Things are going well and I'll have to post after my ultrasound October 1st! Can't wait to find out!!!


Lively Luckinbills said...

Well, I definately don't want to jinx you especially when all a mother really wants is a healthy, happy baby. I hope you get your energy back soon so you can enjoy your "possible" last pregnancy. Take care!!

The DeVito's said...

glad you are feeling better! I have a friend that's youngest is 16 and she still says she has "baby weight," so you have a while!

Alabama Apples said...

Phew, 16...okay, that makes me feel better! ;)

Ashlee said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better! I'm sure you will get your energy back in a few weeks. I remember that I was so tired the first trimester and the first few weeks of the second with Michael. Then I felt so much better. I'll keep sending good thoughts your way.

Jeff, Jenny and Pearl said...

I still think a girl is the right thing to wish for! After all with three brothers, it's not like she will be very girly at all! All comes down to who had more fun :) At least that's what I've heard!

And I still claim baby weight, even after 2 years! I think it's a mom's right FOREVER!

Coty said...

I always wish I could keep my "basoomas" after the baby is born and all the breastfeeding over with. Of all the things I would totally do's always kinda nice to see some perk again ;)

whitney said...

Thank you so much for the pregnancy update!! I am sure you are as beautiful as ever!! I am so excited for you and the joys of a new baby...darling little girl or beautiful baby boy it doesn't matter.
note to kit....i wouldn't call having a girl a jinx...especially in this forum. ;)
Love to you all!!
btw...if you DON'T post baby belly pics I think that I'll mutiny. :)

Steph said... again (Steph)...not Whitty. :)

Jennifer and Enoch Jones said...

LIBERTY!!! I was just thinking about you, and how I had some news to tell you and me being pregnant, and I wander onto your blog and I find out you are too!!! I'm so happy for you! I am 10 weeks and get to hear the heart beat monday! :) I plan on FINALLY updating our blog soon. Enoch still doesn't know we have one! ;)