Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ode to Josiah

This is a post about all things Josiah-funny. While our oldest son supplies us with a lot of things to sigh over, he also makes us laugh over and over again. In general it isn't what he is intending, but that doesn't stop our chuckles from bursting forth. Josiah is a wonderful mixture of inquisitive thinking, imagination and knowledge. This makes for some interesting conversations.

The other day Josiah was rubbing his legs, which are quite hairy. He then leaned over and rubbed my arms. Looking closely at my arms he stated quite matter-of-factually, "We are mammals. You make milk for your babies and I am very furry. You even have some fur on your arms."

One of the things that drives me quite batty is whining. Lately Josiah has been whining in the ugliest voice imaginable! To combat this, every time he whines, he gets a red slip (a negative reinforcement, green slips are given as positive reinforcement). Jos came into the kitchen where Kit and I were getting dinner ready. He starts talking in a whine then catches my eye. He quickly follows up what he was whining about with, "You might think that sounded like a whine, but it wasn't. My voice just came out funny."

Earlier this past week, Josiah was having a drama morning. He was upset I hadn't set out his clothes for school the night before and I was expecting him to dress himself. Out of the back hallway a paper airplane comes sailing out to land near my feet. I ignore it and carry on with getting Josiah's snack ready for school. Eventually I make my way to open it just as Jos is coming into the dining room. I open it and see this:

With a panicked look, the first thing he blurts out is, "It's not you...it's a...monster I dreamed of last night!" I must add here that Josiah often sends notes to me via paper airplane. Whether they are to tell me he loves me or that I'm mean, airplane is one of his favorite modes of communication. I had to laugh at this one, despite the obvious fact it was me, and not too pretty. I believe it is one of my favorite pictures...I'll keep it for blackmail when he is older.

Josiah has taken to sleeping without a shirt on "like his Uncle Mack". I came to give the two oldest good night kisses after having put Gunner to bed, and see Josiah rubbing his armpit very lightly. I ask what he's doing and he informs me he is just checking to see if his arm hair was growing in like Daddy's. I asked him what he thought and he thought maybe it was. "Soon," he said, "it'll be as much as Dad's." Despite how hairy our little orangutan is, I don't believe he is getting the beloved armpit hair yet. But, I think I'll keep that disappointing news to myself.

There are so many other things from talking about birth of babies to Star Wars that keep us laughing. Some of these incidents are probably "you had to be there", but I thought I'd share them with you anyway...if only to remind myself to chuckle when I'm sighing.


Ashlee said...

Too funny! I love Josiah's passion for life! His "highs" are so high and "lows" are very low. There is lots of drama, but that is what keeps it entertaining!!

I love the picture. You will have to keep that forever. My mom saved a note I had left for her telling her when I would be home and that my dinner should be ready! Can you believe that! I am sure I meant something less spoiled, but we get a kick out of reading it! Those are fun keepsakes.

Love you guys!

whitney said...

I laughed so hard while reading this post. I especially loved the mammal comment. What a smart, funny little boy you have. Give him a big mammal kiss from his Auntie Whit!

Ezra says Hi to Jos and Gavin and Gunner!

Lively Luckinbills said...

Merilee is in that stage of exploration and explanations. It is so fun to hear their life in their own words and purity. Funny stories!

Steph said...

Ohhhhh, thank you so much for your post. I am STILL laughing! I think I'll bookmark this post to check back on when I'm feeling grumpy or blue. I know it will make me smile.
What a character he is...and always has been!! He is one of the very brightest children I have met and he sure uses his smarts! I love his explanations for life...very funny. It's true...all mother's need to pause to realize the lighter moments as to keep them sane during the difficult ones. Love this post and love that hairy, little mammal!!

Jeff, Jenny and Pearl said...

Thanks for sharing! I laughed hard, especially when I saw his drawing and learned he communicates via airplane. That is so cute! I might have to give it a try.

Anna said...

Josiah is a bright, animated, and a joy to be around. In spite of his head-strong personality, it is obvious that he has a golden heart. I am glad that you posted a blog entry solely about him. I feel like I know him a little bit better now.