Friday, January 7, 2011

Shenandoah Mountains

At the beginning of December, our family were able to go on a little vacation to the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains. I won a 4 day stay at the Massanutten Resort (you know the kind where you're required to listen for a few hours as they tempt you into purchasing a time share the cost of a new car). Despite being crammed in a little condo, we had a blast. One thing is for sure, we will be going back to visit the mountains again. Next time probably in a tiny tent camping, but it is "when", not "if".
Oooh, who is that darling boy? What, you can't see who it is from all of the layers? Yes, it was COLD. Not just cold, but teens cold. And, we were foolish enough to go hiking in that crazy weather. Our warm Mobile blood was freezing inside our shaking limbs!!!
Kit's coat and Emme add a little bulk to me (please just assume it is a lot of bulk added on!) Poor guy was making do with LOTS of layers so I could be'd think I'd own a coat, but it is now on my list of "to get".

Not only were the views spectacular, but they threw wildlife in for free! We saw deer galore and a bobcat scamper across the road!
Jos and Gav absolutely loved the hiking. I will have to admit it was a lot of fun. Emme, all snuggled warm under the coat and lots of layers thought so, too. Gun on the other hand...let's just say he craved a cup of warm hot chocolate and his cozy blankie.
The ice was incredible!
Hiking to one of the many waterfalls. Gun, Em and I had headed back to the car by now.

We splurged and ate out one of the nights at a rib place. Yummo!
Pardon the lovely hat hair
The area is full of awesome caverns. Simply breathtaking!
We even found a Who along the way and decided to keep him.

It was fun to get away for some fab family time. We can't wait to go back. Maybe we'll share it with others (hint, hint--we'd love visitors!!)


Jill said...

Love all the pictures and the bright colors you're wearing! What a fun trip! :D

whitney said...

yay! yay! for a new post! Even better that it has gobs of pictures!

I want your Who! Can he come and visit me sometime? I have a couple of Cindy Lou's and a Sneetch who'd just loooove the company.

Ooo, I'd join you in a heartbeat if I could. One of these summers we'll visit, I promise (Spencer swears it up and down) and we'll definitely have to make our way up to there.

I love all your cute pictures. You're looking fabulous and I just want to squeeze your mowglis, hat hair and all! I bet those little Applegates were freezin' their tails off, they have no fat on them!

Loads of kisses from Auntie Whit all around!

ps-have I told you lately that Ezra STILL insists him and Gav are twins? True story.

Jenny said...

A giant Cootie!? That is awesome! Look at all the country your kids get to see... what great experiences for them.

And you are originally from UTAH girl! You should know that you have to own at least one coat!

Steph said...

Ahhh, your post is like a breath of fresh air!! I love, loved, loved it!
Thank you for all the pictures. They are so much fun. I loved the one of Jos at the begining. They are all so adorable. You are looking so beautiful, as well. Little Emme all sung as a bug was so cute I want to squuuueeeze her. I wish I was one of your visitors!! The sights are amazing!! So neat. I'm glad you documented it with pictures--ribs, cootie bugs, ice caves and all. :) Yes, I agree with Jemmy--a coat is a must!! Don't you get snow??? (hint, hint) ;) Love and miss you terribly!!

Steph said...

Ahhh, pardon my typos. I can barely see the computer screen...long story...

Coty said...

Liberty, that looks like tons of know, I don't think we are all that far from you guys! Maybe we can get together, that'd be so fun! The East has a lot to offer by way of family fun, huh!
This trip looks like it is right down the boys alley, although Emme looks quite content to be there all snuggled in next to Mama. Sweet sweet.
I have to say, I loved seeing your face. It's not very often that we get to see the face behind the blog, and it's such a beautiful one! Keep it up.

Aubrey said...

How fun, and I'm impressed you braved the cold. I am turning into a complete baby. I used to love snow and cold weather but the longer I live in the south the more I crave my hot summers.