Friday, January 21, 2011

Finishing December

We had some fabulous snow...I {heart} Christmas snow...
a white Christmas was lovely

And about 2 minutes after this picture was taken (which I hurried out to do as soon as he was dressed for the outdoors), Josiah was in the house drinking hot chocolate 'cause it was "freezing outside!!" My poor snow-deprived children didn't even know how to squish the snow together to make a snow-ball. They finally learned before all of the snow melted.

Next, a picture of the BEST Christmas presents...ever!!
I think I could just post this picture and call it the most wonderful Christmas blog

Note the fabulous camo heels (they look even better on),
the flower bag and oh-so-embellished shirts for me!!!
My husband (with a little help) gave me a fabbity-fab Christmas.

I'll move on now from my worldliness and show you a telling picture of my beasties (the Sunday before Christmas).

Gunner is giving you a peek at his oh-so-darling jammies poking out and bare feet (he chooses to wear jammies under his clothes...yes, I'm that kind of mom)
Gavin looks a little, I'm not that kind of mom
Emme is thrashing, trying to get out of the death grip of her big brother
Jos, well, Jos actually looks cute in this picture, except whatever he's doing with his hands...what is he doing with his hands?

We've lost pajama boy and this is a much better picture...look! Emme is even smiling for it!
Everyone in their Christmas pajamas (these are now the reigning under-the-pants jammies)

One last picture. Santa brought Emmeline a new doll. She adores it. She reaches for it when she's tired and when she's getting up from sleeping; she kisses it.
She {loves} it.

I hope you're not too pictured out...

Merry Christmas!!
Thank you, everyone, for making it a fabulous one!!


Jill said...

There's nothing like hot chocolate after playing in the snow! How I long for a white Christmas! Maybe next year in Oklahoma...I hope! :D

I must say that I am super impressed with how well your hubby did on your gifts! Wowsers!

Anna said...

First, nothing compares to a white Christmas. Snow makes the holiday so magical. All kids need that experience. Second, I love your new fashion goodies. I miss seeing you every Sunday in your cute heels. Third, your kids are so big now, and way too cute. I love Emme's fun expressions and darling button nose.

I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday!

(P.S. You are way too kind with your compliments on my blog. I feel frumpish and only posted the "so-so" pictures of me. I've still got 10-15 pounds of baby weight to go. Sigh.)

Coty said...

Oh-my-word....the shoes deserve a post all their own, LOVE them! Way to go Kit!

Kids are adorable, even with the tell tale signs of reality!

And yes, a white Christmas is a MUST at least once in this lifetime....feels like it's truly the whole package then, huh.

whitney said...

yay! yay! for an applegate catch-up! I loooove the heels and purse! I love that Gun has his jammies on under his clothes. He'd fit in w/my mowglis anytime. Emme is just getting (kinda) bigger and definitely older. I love her doll; she's obviously enamored with it. Love them all! I'll be back to feast my hungry eyes some more, I'm sure.

holyoak said...

Great picture my dear! Thanks for the update.
The boys and Emme are too cute. Sure do miss all of you.

Tell the boys to look up on line about stocking ponds in OK. We'll make a plan and do it this spring, even if by proxy. K?

Jenny said...

Where on earth did you get the heels? Awesome! Everyone needs a pair of spunky shoes!!!