Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Being Filled

As I lounge here in my nice COOL home, I have been thinking of how thankful I am of this past week.  It started out a little off...AC died and repair meant ordering in a new part , children particularly tiresome due to heat, and money being tight at the end of a pay check.  BUT- I have been putting reading the scriptures and saying meaningful prayers to the test.  Life hasn't gotten easier, but I have been more able to handle it.  It has been like a little reservoir inside me has been filled, so it took just a bit longer before I was all drained out.  I was more in tune with blessings-the weather has been overcast and cooler (high 80s instead of 90s) which has made living in our home without AC so much more bearable.  All of the wearisome appointments gave us an opportunity to get out of the house at the hottest points in the day.  I have been repeatedly blessed in many ways and would normally have missed them.  I had just a little more patience (I'm no paragon, so any little bit keeps me on the good side of the law) and a little more ummph to help me get through the day.  For that, I am thankful.  

I think I can get used to feeling filled.


whitney said...

Oh, so glad for tender mercies.

I really do need to get back into daily reading. Maybe after I send the 2 oldest out the door to school in the mornings.

Jenny said...

Love this. Thanks for sharing your sweet blessings. It is a good reminder for me.

Grammy said...

Dear sweet Liberty, Ashlee told me that you had posted on your blog so, it is through tears that I write this comment. You are such a rich blessing to our family! I hope you realize how much you mean to all of us. You are an incredible person, so bright and beautiful! My 4 little grandchildren are so fortunate to have you as their mother. You truely amaze me with your patience. Parenting is such an on going thing. Even now I question my ability. I can remember struggling to get through each day but you know what, I did the very best I could. That is all that is asked of each of us. I love you so and I have great confidence in who you are. You are awesome!!!