Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Day In The Morning

Christmas Eve was full of fun traditions: yummy snacks, clam chowder dinner (Applegate tradition) , jammies from Santa's Elves, the Christmas story FHE, cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Our family was full of ENERGY and EXCITEMENT, and as Mommy, I wasn't sure when the evening would end. Finally we were able to get the boys to bed and the parents settled down for a quiet evening.
Boys in their Christmas Jammies:
Christmas morning was a different story. I awoke bright and early at about 5:00 to feed Gunner, but I couldn't fall back to sleep. I was so excited for Christmas! You know that butterfly, googly feeling in your stomach? Yeah, I'm 26 and I still get it on Christmas. Kit totally made fun of me, but there I was awake and wishing my boys would wake up, too. I waited until it was almost 7:00, then I succumbed and woke them up. Yes, I WOKE them up. You would think they would wake up at the normal time (between 6:30 and 7:00), but no, not on Christmas! So, I woke the boys and the day got started. Josiah was so cute and excited about everything. He ran to the table and checked to see if Santa ate the cookies, etc. Then in great excitement he discovered Santa brought exactly what he wanted-a Leapster. Gavin was kind-of grouchy and more excited about pulling the the stuff out of his stocking than he was about the music player Santa brought (he loves it now). Then the carnage of wrapping paper!! Quite the mess, but oh, so much fun! Even Gunner joined in (with a little help from Daddy).

The Loot:
Gavin loved all of his presents, but he LOVED his new horse. At first the horse was christened Badger, but as of today, its name is Fin (not sure why). Josiah's has the dignified name of Frank (heeheehee).Aunt Ashlee's gift has afforded us many laughs. Josiah received a doctor dress up kit and Gavin received a military kit, complete with binoculars, a map, compass, canteen and flashlight. Quite fun, as you can see. Papa allowed Jos to cure his illnesses and Gavin spent the majority of the day viewing life through his binoculars.

Gunner is showing off his orange OSU shirt his Grammy and Papa gave him (all the boys, including Papa and Kit have new OSU shirts). I'm sporting my new jeans (thank you Steph and Kit) and my kind-of blond hair. Yes, blond. If you're curious you'll have to email me.

We had a wonderful Christmas. We enjoyed having the Applegates with us, but missed our friends and family who were away. Thank you for the wonderful gifts and love. WE LOVE YOU and wish you a Happy New Year.


The DeVito's said...

Wow! You look just like Steph in that picture. Glad you had a Merry Christmas.

Mere said...

Brooke got a Leapster for Christmas. She hasn't been as into it as she was her My 1st LeapPad, but she's getting better. She only got one game with it, but last week Toys R Us was having a buy 1 get 1 free sale so we got her a couple more.

Ethan has those dinosaur jammies, too! He loves all things dinosaur, so he roars when he has them on.

I can't believe how long your hair has grown! I just had mine dyed too (at my mom's expense), and after seeing how much money it costs, I realize why I never get it done!

Steph said...

Dear Applegates,
I saw Jos' and Gavin's picture of them being an explorer and an animal doctor. I hope you had a happy Christmas. Gunner is so cute. Ho, ho, ho.

Cooper(5) and Greyson(3)
(dictated by Mommy Steph)

WAIT! Tell them I am almost 6 years old! -Cooper

whitney said...

Your boys are so cute in these pictures-Gunner is so big and happy! I love the new OSU shirts and the dinosaur jammies are oh-so-cute! Hope your New Year's went well too. Ezra loved looking at his cousins on the computer. Love you guys!

Steph said...

It looks as though your Christmas was fun. I sure missed spending it with you and your family!! You are looking thin. Yay you!!

Sandy said...

Hi. It looks like you had an awesome Christmas. You hair is so long now. I hope you have a great new year.

Heidi said...


Sorry it took so long to respond! We just got back from was so fun to see family!

anyway...we live in Missouri. Carl is a medical student out here. I really like the town here...small! I'm not the huge city type! Chris is a third year medical student in Wisconsin...but still if you have anyone to hook him up with, I'm trying to get him married...right now he's in an OBGYN rotation, and he just pulled his first 24 hour shift! YUCK! He said it wasn't that bad, though!

How about you guys? How did you end up in Alabama?