Sunday, December 9, 2007

Here Comes Santa Claus!

Here comes Santa Clause right air strip! The Coast Guard ATC had their Christmas Party yesterday and it was so fun!! Our kids loved how Santa's Helper came to visit the base via a coastie helicopter. It was so fun watching all the kids' expressions and hearing their squeals. Gavin (up on his Daddy's shoulders) kept leaning over and shouting "It's Santa, Mommy! It's Santa coming to town!" He did, however, hide his head as the helicopter landed. He dislikes loud sounds immensely. Despite the non-Christmasy weather (it was in the seventies and ugly humid) the feel of Christmas was all around. They had Christmas music blaring from the loud speakers and the kids could decorate cookies, wreaths and play in those giant blow-up jumping castles. They even had a climbing wall. Jos was eager to follow the other kids up, but after standing in line a few minutes and calculating the risks, he decided to demure. Right before we were leaving he gathered enough gumption to try again, but they had started taking it down. He was a sad boy.

Another fun aspect of the party was the planes and helicopters. They allowed the kids (and adults) to go in and sit and look around the air crafts. It was sure eye-opening. I even sat in one. I don't think it is something I'd love...I felt as if I would be flying in a tuna fish can, but it was sure neat to see!

Here are some of the photos from the party. Pay particular notice to poor Santa's face in the picture with Gavin...he looks like he's had a long, hot day! Poor man--he'd been doing the knee-thing for hours!


whitney said...

I just realized I hadn't commented yet! Anyway-your little boys are just adorable! It must've been so exciting for them to look in the helicopters and everything. Poor Santa, he looks like he's had a long day!

Steph said...

Thanks for the pictures! Your boys are too cute. Now we just need a picture of little Gunner. Whit's right...Santa does look a little wilty. :)