Wednesday, December 12, 2007

...their stockings were hung by the chimney with care

Or shall we say the ugly beam that runs across my ceiling? At least the beam has some use to it! I finally got Gunner's stocking finished, so today I hung them up. I decided to let you see my attempts at decorating...where are my sisters and mom when I need them? I like the stuff on my tree, but my tree is kind of wimpy (better than our previous one and we got it after Christmas sales for six bucks). I wish I knew how to make it look its best *sigh*. I do like my refurbished snowman outside my door (courtesy of my mom) and the simple wreath I made (yeah! my bow making skills came into use). I love Christmas and all of its trappings! I always feel lighter, happier, more in tune with my Savior. I love the feelings that make others smile at you in stores and make me smile in return!!

Even Josiah and Gavin have a tree in their room. It was the first one Kit and I had after we got married. Josiah takes great pride in his decorating ability and is always begging me for "the perfect ornaments" he sees at the store.

I also thought I'd include a couple pictures of Gunner. He has gotten so big and cute (to me). It is hard posting pictures of him, I have found, because I want you all to see him as cute as I see him. It always seems that no matter how hard you try, your baby looks like they have gigantic noses (which Gunner has a bit of a bigger nose anyway), alien-sized heads, and drool everywhere. Despite that, I thought I'd let you see his heart-warming smile. He doles it out as often as he can catch your eye. He is always grinning at the antics of his big brothers and seems to already admire and love them. It is beginning-the hero worship that causes brothers to get into way too much trouble. Uggh! I love that my boys are close brothers, though. I love my sisters so very much so I am glad my boys are starting such a wonderful and rewarding relationship. If my sisters are reading this, know how much I love you, appreciate you and miss you to distraction!!

Aren't babies so cute sleeping! I love my children most when they're sleeping (heehee). Gunner still refuses to take a binkie, but he is getting more and more atached to his thumb.


Mere said...

So cute! Were the other boys baldies too? I love a good bald baby - both of mine were (and still are) follicle-challenged.

I have the little manger scene outside my front door, though yours looks much cuter than mine.

whitney said...

Gunner is sooo big and grownup! He's defintely the chunkiest of your three! I love Jos's decorating job on his tree and your wreath turned out so great! My (homemade) wreath isn't half as fabulous! Your tree is so cute (albeit a little skinny:)too! I'm so jealous of your stockings, you're just so darn talented!Is that enough exclamation points for you!?!

Steph said...

Oh my heck, your house is too cute! I love, love your tree and go you for getting that darling tree skirt off of e-bay (soo jealous!!). See, you are a great bow maker (and you doubted yourself). Let that be a lesson to you small bear. :) I don't think that your tree is too skinny. I'll have to take a picture of mine and send it to you. It looks almost identical to mine. I wish I had your poinsettas. *sigh* Thank you, thank you for your pictures of Gunner. He is so sweet! I can't believe how much he has grown! He still looks like the little Gunner we saw just a little more filled out and bigger. He is too cute! Ella hit a growth spurt and she is beginning to be a chunky-monkey. I'll have to send more pictures. Oh, and tell Jos that he does a fantastic job at tree-decorating. I love that he has a tree in his room. Cooper keeps on making tents and bringing things under the blanket (i.e. the stool with the plant on it) and pretending it is a Christmas tree. Not my favorite thing. :S I love you 'til distraction, too!!!

whitney said...

I think your tree is skinny in a cute sort of way. Stephanie's tree is the same way. We all strive to look skinny, what's the matter w/a skinny tree:P I'm pretty sure the sweater is one of Auntie's. It's a Children's Place one. Yay! for cute sweaters (my absolute favorite thing to put Ezra is).