Monday, December 17, 2007

Super Heros!

Gavin loves Super Heros. I am not sure where it all started, he doesn't watch any shows other than PBS really...but he LOVES Spider Man and anything that resembles a Super Hero. His Grammy bought him Spider Man jammies and some new Spider Man underwear and he is in seventh heaven. He will come bounding out of his room, come to a halt, pose with arms spread wide and shout "Spidey Man". He is always out to get the "Bad Guy" and to save the day. A few days ago we all went for a walk (it was a balmy 75 degrees) and simply had to wear the Super Hero cape. (My mother picked it up for Jos in Utah when she took Jesse to the MTC. It is double sided with the symbol for Super Man on one side and the symbol for Batman on the other. It is Josiah's, but Gavin will fight tooth and nail to wear it.) So off we go on our walk. Josiah leading the way on his bike, I'm following with Gunner in my sling and Kit is tailing with Gavin on his big wheel. Gavin has just learned to pedal, but he forgets to steer as he pedals so he will go in circles. He did that for awhile, then decided to make a run for it by pulling a Fred Flintstone and using his feet to run him where he wanted to go. All the while his Super Hero cape is flapping in the wind. I had to smile at him, bright eyes and rosy cheeked, I remembered how much fun being a mom can be.

Another Super Hero incident occurred Friday. I was in Gunner's room nursing and I heard the back door open and shut. The boys had decided to go out back to play. This doesn't worry me too much because we are fortunate to have a large fenced-in backyard. I finished nursing and went to check on my big boys. What a site! Josiah was being "constructive" with some extra lumber we have and Gavin was being (surprise!) Spider Man and off to get the "Bad Guy". Unlike the real Spider Man all decked out in his spider suit, this "Spidey Man" was clad only in his one-of-a-kind Spider Man underwear and scaling our fence. Quite the sight!! I grabbed the camera and had to snap a few. Fodder, my dears, for his dating years! Gotta love being a mom!


Steph said...

Yay!! I was so excited to see that you had posted. I know you're so busy and it takes time, I but love to see a new post waiting for me to read!! :)

When I pulled up your website Greyson was curious to see what I was doing. When he saw that it had to do with Jos and Gavin he asked if I could hold him on my lap to see everything. So, I read to him and showed him the pictures. We both loved it!!
Isn't it neat to have those moments when you remember why you're in the mothering trenches. I can just picture Gavin all rosy checked and cape flapping in the wind. It makes me smile. I think that those snapshot memories pressed into our minds are gifts. I love you and miss you all terribly. Tell the boys I love them too!!

Mere said...

Ah, swinging on the fence in his undies....hilarious!

I don't know where 2-year-olds figure out who Spiderman is, but Ethan is the same way. He loves everything Spiderman and was thrilled with the Spiderman big wheels he got for his birthday.

We actually let the kids watch Transformers (yeah, it's PG-13), and now both of them (even Brooke) are obsessed with them.

Dirk said...

Dirk says "oh my gosh, that's hilarious...that's hilarious." He's just gonna love you for that one in 10 years! -Trish

whitney said...

Both Spencer and I laughed our heads off at the pics and your descriptions of the boys. They're so funny and cute! It's always nice to stop and remember just how great your kids are. Love you guys!

Heidi said...

Oh, your boys are DARLING! I look forward to super hero days!

When Carl and I were sunbeam teachers we had a little boy who refused to contribute anything to the lesson, say the prayer, etc...unless we called him batman! ...and then one day we gave them all some name badge paper things and he wanted us to tape it around his little bicep so it could be his muscle band! We just laughed and laughed (later...after class!) Kids are so fun!