Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thankful for Time-Outs

I'm thankful for time-outs. Not the times when I put my beasties in them, but the ones I occasionally allow myself. I was able to go out with a few of my sweet friends for an afternoon. I love how being with close girl-friends gives me a moment to rant, relax and laugh so hard my belly hurts (and shake like an enormous jello-mold). I love being uplifted and the feeling of the weight of life and mother-hood being released like helium-filled balloons. I definitely need time-outs more often!


Steph said...

Yay for girlie time-outs!! I am so happy that you were able to get a much needed break!! I can't wait to take a time-out with you!!

Spencer said...

How did your blog get so fabu-lized? When did that happen! I ADORE the new look, espeically the adorable little birds by your post titles.

Thank heavens for mommy time-outs. I simply wouldn't survive without them. Hopefully we can work out an uber-mommy/sister time-out sooner rather than later (spencer's given the OK, by the way).

Spencer said...

oh, and I'm whitney, not spencer. obviously.


Girl Friends are the best :) So glad you got to have a "time out" for yourself!

holyoak said...

I like the "thankful" things Lib.

Mom said Yeaaah for Girls time out, then informed me that she never did them when you guys were little...

I suppose that is right, cuz I can't remember any until all of you got older.

She is planning on some more of them real soon when all of you get together.

I always have loved the way you love Christmas. Something real and good with knowing I could count on you to bring the Christmas Spirit in full force.

We love you very much!