Monday, November 30, 2009


Today I am thankful for the Thanksgiving break we were able to enjoy in a beach house with my in-laws. We had such a fun time and I love spending time with my sisters-in-laws and their families. I love how we've gotten closer over the years and they are such strong women. Every time I am around them I learn so much. Sydnee has older children than mine and I love listening to her experience raising them and being a stay-at-home mom. Her opinions on literature, the world and the gospel are invaluable to me. I love being with Ashlee and sharing the experiences we are having with our 2 year olds and being preggo together. She is so strong- working and having her sweetie gone often.

My little beasties had a blast! Picture scrawny little white boys in their boxer briefs, which somehow are still baggy on them, frolicking multiple times a day in the sand and water. I don't know how they didn't turn into little red-headed popsicles in view of the cooler weather and water, but they survived and thrived with enough energy to run in circles around the house.

I am also thankful for my brother, Mack. He was such a help on this trip! He was everywhere lending a helping hand with the kids, dishes and excitement :) ! I'm glad he survived to tell tales!

I am also thankful for the Thanksgiving season and for the segway it lends to put us in the right state of mind for the Christmas season. May my family remember the true reason for Christmas and be filled with love for our Savior.


whitney said...

Mmmm, so true about Thanksgiving leading into Christmas. So many people think that people overlook Thanksgiving by focusing too much on Christmas, but I say if you're focused on the REAL reason for Christmas, than you're honoring Thanksgiving by your gratitude for Christ's ultimate sacrifice.

Can't wait to see your little red-headed beastie popsicles!

Steph said...

I agree with you and Whit...well said!!
I am glad that you had a wonderful time at teh beach house. I thought of you often and hoped you were having lots of fun. I'm happy that you boys had a blast. I can just picture them having a grand 'ol time in their skivvies.
I too, am thankful for Mack. What a helper. He is a wonderful brother and I'm sograteful he's safe.

I love you all and can't to see you!! YAY!! We made it to DEC!!!

Ashlee said...

Lib - We had a great time too! Your boys were so cute playing in the water. When I saw Jos going into the water for the 4th or 5th time on Friday, I told him that I think I have seen you in every pair of underwear. He told me, "nope, there's lots more!". He makes me laugh!

It also brings a smile to my face when I think of Gunner's cute smile. He would just look up at me and smile and say, "Hello". So cute!

I am thankful for such a fun family! We have a lot of "spirit", but that is what keeps it exciting. I am also so grateful that everyone made it through and home safely.

Love you!


Sounds like so much fun! I bet your kids did have a blast. My kids saw the ocean for the first time this summer, but they didn't really get to stay on the beach and play like they wanted to. A beach house would be perfect.